• 2v3ozqzaips-tim-tiedemann
    Earth-based Spirituality & Shamanism

    Honouring the Winter Sun

    by Danu Forest Winter is here, and with it the sun sinks to its lowest arc upon the horizon upon the winter solstice. This year the winter solstice falls on the 21st of December. Solstice [...]
  • samhain_by_midnightstouch
    Personal Growth

    Samhain – Letting Go

    {image via DeviantArt} by Danu Forest The Celtic festival of Samhain, otherwise known as Halloween (October 31st) can be one of the most beautiful times of the year, as the leaves turn and the first [...]
  • A photo by Sam Wheeler. unsplash.com/photos/WePxTF-kKks
    Earth-based Spirituality & Shamanism

    Reaping and Sowing at the Autumn Equinox

    by Danu Forest This article first appeared on Watkins Publishing. Autumn is here. The first of the leaves are turning, and the hedgerows swell with berries. In Somerset, my tiny village in the midst of [...]
  • Geoff and Nadia Lawton
    Events, Courses & Workshops

    Permaculture Convergence 2016

    Geoff and Nadia Lawton will be attending the UK’s PermacultureConvergence, which takes place on 2-4 September 2016 at Nell Bank, Ilkley, West Yorkshire. It is a rare opportunity to meet one of the world’s most [...]
  • StuartMuirWilson
    Sustainable Living

    Alternative ‘Nobel Prize’ For Permaculture

    Stuart Muir Wilson, the grandson of permaculture founding father Bill Mollison, has recently received The Right Livelihood Award, known as the alternative Nobel Prize, for his “outstanding vision and work on behalf of the planet [...]

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