• spring magic ritual
    Angels, Fairies, Elementals & Nature Spirits

    Spring Magic: Household Altars and Sacred Spaces

    by Danu Forest Fitting time for the sacred, for the spiritual into our everyday lives can be tricky if it’s something new to us, or if our schedules are so busy we have little time [...]
  • john-price-5257
    Earth-based Spirituality & Shamanism

    Magical Spring Cleansing

    by Danu Forest Springtime is the perfect opportunity to clear your energy field and refresh your body and soul. Traditional spring tonics, such as birch sap and nettle tea have been used for centuries to [...]
  • happiness

    Love and The Golden Rule

    The Golden Rule or Law of Reciprocity occurs in nearly every religion and is a good principle to follow in life, irrespective of one’s beliefs. It is best known as: ‘Do unto others as you [...]
  • imbolc
    Earth-based Spirituality & Shamanism

    The Dawn Of the Year

    by Danu Forest This article first appeared on Watkins Publishing website. Scroll down to hear the audio file on Imbolc. January and February can often feel like a strange bleak time, the weather and long [...]
  • 2v3ozqzaips-tim-tiedemann
    Earth-based Spirituality & Shamanism

    Honouring the Winter Sun

    by Danu Forest Winter is here, and with it the sun sinks to its lowest arc upon the horizon upon the winter solstice. This year the winter solstice falls on the 21st of December. Solstice [...]

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