The Wise Child Within

18 July, 2012 Louisa Mills 1

When was the last time you stopped to remember life through the eyes of a child? A song, played on the radio today, reminded me of the gentler, carefree visions of childhood. I smiled as […]

The Wonder of Natural Soundscape

20 June, 2012 Bernie Krause 1

Natural soundscapes are the voices of whole ecological systems. Every site on Earth has its own acoustic signature; as does every living organism (even viruses). Sea anemones grunt; baby vultures have a scream like you’d […]

Sounding the Divine Name

26 May, 2010 Jonathan Goldman 1

[Buy from Cygnus Books] Sounding the Divine Name It is of paramount importance that we as a species unite, and experience a quantum evolutionary leap in human consciousness. The question is: how? What if you […]