Celebrating Summer Solstice

5 June, 2014 Glennie Kindred 0

To celebrate the Earth’s yearly solar cycle is to take part in an ancient tradition that has been handed down to us since before Celtic times. The old Celtic festivals are a means by which […]

Hotbeds and Hotbins

29 January, 2014 Maddy Harland 0

In 1999, the year the total eclipse of the sun was visible from Cornwall, Tim and I took our then small children to see it. They were awed by the experience. That same holiday we […]

Lessons from Woodland Creatures

21 August, 2013 William Long 0

Natural creatures, though instinctively shy or timid, are not wildly governed by fears and terrors, as we have been misinformed from our youth up. The ‘reign of terror’ is another of those pet scientific delusions, […]

2013 August Issue Chat Page: Star Letter

24 July, 2013 Jo Wolley 0

Dear Friends, I was compelled to spend time with the white lions after reading Linda Tucker’s amazing book [200711, £7.99]. I found the book very profound and incredibly well-researched, gifted with a special insight to […]

The Ground of Truth

26 June, 2013 Jehanne Mehta 1

We all know how the media tend to focus on bad news. If we are lucky there might be a small item at the end of a news programme that is lighter or amusing. Many […]

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