The Spark in the Machine

27 March, 2014 Daniel Keown 0

When I was three years old I caught my thumb in a folding chair. I cannot remember this episode, filled as it must have been with blood and pain, but my mother does. She packed […]

Quantum Awareness

26 February, 2014 Ewald Kliegel 0

When we grapple with life, sooner or later we touch the basic levels of our being. These levels cannot be grasped with the mind; we can experience them only in their mysteries. Through reflecting on […]

The Moral Molecule

29 January, 2014 Paul Zak 0

Consider the lowly lobster. The scary-looking crustacean Homarus americanus has never been thought of as particularly moral, or particularly romantic (unless, of course, the context is drawn butter and a good white wine). Heavily armored […]

Just Give Me a Minute

26 June, 2013 Penney Peirce 0

Ingrid told me she has a hectic life, is uncomfortable, and knows she’s probably damaging her health, yet she keeps going because she ‘owes it to other people’ – though she knows she often shortchanges […]

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