The Seven Initiations

28 October, 2013 Diana Cooper 0

You have incarnated not just to bring forward a new Golden Age but also to birth a new civilization. Much is expected of you and much will be given to you as your evolution is […]

I Mould My Heart

30 January, 2013 Gabriella Kapfer 0

Dear Friends, On the Feast of Epiphany we visited our friends Jehanne and Rob Mehta (see p. 11) and there we met Louis Bohtlingk, author of Dare to Care [220402, £6.99] and his wife Sandra […]

Seedpods of the New Time

30 January, 2013 Jehanne Mehta 1

At the time of writing, the 2nd of January 2013, looking around amongst friends and acquaintances, I can’t fail to notice what a hard transition it has been and is, for so many, myself included, […]

2012: A Western Perspective

14 December, 2012 Mara Freeman 1

This newsletter is a bit longer than usual because of the significance of the Winter Solstice this year, and particularly the period between 12/12 and 12/21. Many of you will be aware of the prophesies […]

Courting the Future

27 November, 2012 Mark Ballabon 0

Predictions for 2012, from Armageddon to the rapture, have not come to pass. The ending of the 13th b’ak’tun in the Mayan long count calendar this December has not brought the movie style cataclysms anticipated […]

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