Consciousness Change

25 January, 2011 Chris Thomas 10

There is a point at which all of the changes that have been spoken of in the last few years come about. As we moved into November 2010, all of the long awaited shifts in […]


18 November, 2010 Chris Thomas 1

Those of us who have a more ‘alternative’ view of world events are receiving increasingly confusing stories of who we are and just what is the purpose of life on this wonderful planet of ours; […]

Truth: the greatest healer

18 November, 2010 Chris Thomas 2

Most of us are beginning to realise that the commodity least available to us is the truth. Politicised news now has so much spin attached to it that it is impossible to unravel the knots. […]

The realm of the faerie

18 November, 2010 Chris Thomas 0

As we progress through our change of understanding – our increase in levels of consciousness – there is a growing recognition of the levels at which our Earth functions in relation to human existence. That […]

The end of the world?

18 November, 2010 Chris Thomas 0

Chris Thomas has been working as a psychic surgeon/healer for nearly 30 years. The work he and his wife, Di, do together on healing clients, has led to discoveries concerning many aspects of human history. […]

Past life memories

18 November, 2010 Chris Thomas 0

People often ask me, ‘If we have lived a series of lifetimes, and if the process of ‘reincarnation’ and our memories of these lifetimes is stored in our DNA, why is it that we do […]