The Honeymoon Effect

27 March, 2014 Bruce Lipton 0

Over the years, Margaret and I have learned from personal experience a truth we have often heard before: to help yourself and to assist the universe in helping you, it is important to visualise and […]

Love from Heaven

25 March, 2014 Lorna Byrne 46

We are all pure love. But most of us have locked away this love within ourselves and don’t let it out. This love remains there, though. We can lock love away but we cannot destroy […]

Growth Is Cyclical

27 December, 2013 William Bloom 1

Do you know some happy mystics? You may be one yourself. The luckiest of these people have had a most lovely experience since childhood. They have known and felt that existence is permeated with benevolence. […]

Gifts of Time and Love

10 December, 2013 Louisa Mills 10

I’d like to share a story with you that, to me, symbolises why Christmas feels so special this year. Yesterday, I took my son for a walk through our village, to take in the Christmas […]


25 November, 2013 Maddy Harland 1

I have a philosophy. It is to go where I am invited, to walk through open doors rather than push against the ones that are closed, to listen to my intuition to hear the call. […]

Love Your Enemies

24 October, 2013 Sharon Salzberg 0

Once I was on a train going down the Hudson Valley to New York City and found myself sitting between a woman engaged in a rather loud conversation on her cellphone and a man growing […]

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