The Alchemy of Imagination

1 July, 2014 Sara Hollwey 0

Witnessing with imagination takes all that we see and prepares it in an alchemical process to turn it into pure gold. It imbues its gaze with an intention of welcoming infinite possibilities. We cultivate picture […]


27 December, 2013 Rhonda Byrne 2

Every obstacle or challenge you encounter on the Hero’s Journey transforms you as you acquire strength of character and the qualities and abilities you need to overcome the obstacle or challenge. The emergence of these […]

Future Lives

7 November, 2013 Lorraine Flaherty 0

How many people really take time out to stop and think about where their choices in life will lead them? Not doing this can be a dangerous thing because without a plan people get caught […]

From Crisis to Miracle

24 October, 2013 Kyle Gray 1

Last Christmas I received a long board as a gift from my parents. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an extra-long skateboard that’s used for picking up considerable speed, especially on downhill runs. […]

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