The Alchemy of Imagination

1 July, 2014 Sara Hollwey 0

Witnessing with imagination takes all that we see and prepares it in an alchemical process to turn it into pure gold. It imbues its gaze with an intention of welcoming infinite possibilities. We cultivate picture […]

The Life Force of Love

24 April, 2014 Karen French 0

It is easy to give in to our egos and emotions to dominate and bend others to our will. It is much harder to find the genuine inner strength to master our egos and discipline […]

I Can See Clearly Now

26 February, 2014 Dr Wayne Dyer 1

My mother breaks down – she’s dressed for work and covered with dirty, salty slush. She is exasperated. Her life is obviously out of control with the departure of her former husband, and she’s doing […]

Dissolving Some Common Myths about God

24 September, 2013 Pam Grout 2

Ask the average individual exactly what he means by the word God. When pressed, he’d probably offer some cliché about ‘the guy upstairs’. Trying to define God, of course, is impossible. God isn’t static, any […]

Talking Our Walk

12 July, 2010 William Bloom 0

Do you know the worst accusation made against us? (By ‘us’ I mean those of us who are part of this new holistic, open-minded, open-hearted spirituality.) It is that we don’t have any morals. This […]