Talking our walk: part 2

Posted by William Bloom
17 November, 2009

What do you say when someone asks you about your main interests? Have you ever been cautious about saying that you are interested in spirituality? I have. In general, I think this is because we are concerned about being pigeonholed or triggering an argument.

It would help too if we were confident about what we could say.

So, with some friends I have been working on a short list of what is good and useful about contemporary, holistic spirituality.

I would love to receive your feedback. Does it work for you? What is missing, or needs deleting or rewriting?

‘The spirituality in which I’m interested is good and useful because:

Global consciousness, nature and Earth – it recognises the connections between all life and the need to respect, sustain and care for nature, earth and ourselves.’

Open hearts and minds – it embraces spiritual diversity – appreciating all the world’s beliefs and religions – and resolves conflict.’

Individual exploration – it encourages the exploration of many paths so that everyone without exception can deepen their connection with the wonder and energy of life.’

Health, well being and fulfilment – it delivers practical strategies which are crucial elements in good health and fulfilling our potential.’

Compassion and inspiring values – it unites the core ethics of the world’s great philosophical, religious, ecological and psychological traditions to create powerful and inspiring values for justice, peace and sustainability.’

Perfect timing – it gives hope and guidance to solve our global challenges, prioritising spiritual values and service over a purely materialist worldview.’

Understandable, practical and holistic – it provides a simple and clear definition of spirituality – everyone’s natural connection with the wonder and energy of nature and cosmos; and the instinct to explore and deepen this connection.’

Adapted to suit you, might these words be useful for you? Please send me your comments. Either write to me at PO Box 2809, Glastonbury BA6 8XQ or join in an online discussion group that has been set up

All my love, William

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