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The Way the Heart Warms

27 May, 2010 Vicky 0

The Way the Heart Warms The way the heart warms when it opens to love Is the way the Earth warms in the spring, Never warm for only one person alone, It spreads warmth over […]

Transformation through Adversity

27 May, 2010 Vicky 0

  [buy from Cygnus Books] In the 1950s, some remarkable messages were received telepathically by a woman in the West. They appeared to come from dissidents – scientists, judging by the way they spoke – […]

How to help the new children: Part 2

26 May, 2010 Vicky 0

DIANA COOPER Developing telepathy The new children have evolved psychic gifts including telepathy. One of the problems is that they are reading our thoughts. If these do not align with our words they feel unsafe. […]

The Flowering of Happiness

26 May, 2010 Vicky 0

Connecting with Nature In these times of disruption, change and transition, all of us can be excused for sometimes feeling perplexed, challenged, even a little lost. We are watching the old world slowly disintegrate. Our […]

Sounding the Divine Name

26 May, 2010 Vicky 0

[Buy from Cygnus Books] Sounding the Divine Name It is of paramount importance that we as a species unite, and experience a quantum evolutionary leap in human consciousness. The question is: how? What if you […]

Your Soul’s Plan

26 May, 2010 Vicky 0

Finding direction In May of 2003, I was leading an unfulfilling life as a self-employed marketing and communications consultant. Although I enjoyed some of my work, I did not derive deep satisfaction from any of […]

Why do we suffer? How do we heal?

26 May, 2010 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, Before we launch into the main theme of this editorial, we’d first like to remind you how very much we would like you to: Feel part of the Cygnus community. As many of […]


19 May, 2010 Vicky 0

All diseases or symptoms of ill health are caused by an obstruction of some sort. For example, a blood capillary that is blocked can no longer deliver vital oxygen and nutrients to a group of […]

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