How to help the new children: Part 2

    Posted by Diana Cooper
    26 May, 2010


    Developing telepathy

    The new children have evolved psychic gifts including telepathy. One of the problems is that they are reading our thoughts. If these do not align with our words they feel unsafe. So expect your child to be telepathic and watch your thoughts. Keep them focussed on a higher plane if you possibly can.

    Also help your children to develop telepathy. Make a game of it. Practise sending them colours or pictures and see what they pick up. I used to play word games with my children when they were little and we had to give up because they would take the answer straight out of my mind and ‘guess’ it in one.

    In Golden Atlantis they used 90% of their much larger brain. We use 10% of our much smaller ones. The new children will be using more of their innate skills as we move to a time when humans use 100% of their capacity. In The Wonder of Unicorns [181105], there is a whole chapter on psychic development games you can play with children.

    Helping them to ground their high energies

    My guide Kumeka has explained that indigos, crystals and sensitive star children, who are often not properly grounded, do not fully access their soul energy. The cosmic wisdom does not pour into their crown chakras and run into their lower chakras so that they can use it. Instead, the light spills over their crown and into their aura where they can’t access it and their energy is scattered. There is a move by the spiritual hierarchy to assist these children by bringing in new energy that will help them to connect.

    In the meantime you can aid them by placing their photo on an Orb of Archangel Jophiel who is in charge of the crown chakra. He will help them to take in their soul wisdom so that they can use it. It would enhance the energy if an Orb of Sandalphon was with it, to ground them. I have placed a photograph of one of my grandchildren on these two Orbs and it has really made a difference to her.

    Many of my friends are placing photos of their children or grandchildren on Orb pictures so that they can absorb the light of the Archangels. For example, if your child needs protection place it on a photo of Archangel Michael.

    You can find Orbs of Jophiel, Sandalphon and Michael in Ascension Through Orbs [190105] and also in the Orb Cards.


    As the new fast frequency children come in now to bring in the energy of the new age, the condition of autism is increasing rapidly. So what is it? Basically these souls are coming from a very high frequency into our low one and are struggling to bring their energy down. Some of them achieve it better than others. Most are incarnating for the first time but some are Lemurians or others who were in etheric bodies when they experienced Earth and have not been physicalised before. They are coming one step deeper into their bodies but not all the way.

    The most important way we can help them is to keep the energy round them as high as possible. When the vibration is high they can relax and slip deeper into their bodies.

    Most autistic children have a spirit in another dimension holding onto them. Part of the healing occurs when you persuade the spirit to let go. Very often it is an ancestor who is pulling at the spirit of the child. It can also be another being from their home planet who loves them and is concerned that they have taken on too much. Then every time the child has a tantrum or gets upset, they try to help them by holding onto them and this makes the situation worse.


    Because they are accepting and unconditionally loving, animals help ungrounded children.

    While I was on holiday I read The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson. It is the story of his autistic son and how he was healed by horse riding and a visit to the shamans of Mongolia. The love this man had for his child glowed from the pages. I was lost in admiration for his patience and understanding and fascinated by the journey he undertook to ease the boy’s condition.

    Horses, and of course their spiritual counterparts, the unicorns help to bring a child’s spirit back into their body. Their high frequency and unconditional love make it easier for a soul who is vibrating on a similar level to ground. Over the years we have lost connection with animals and the nature kingdom. In Golden Atlantis every child had a dog, a cat and a rabbit and households enjoyed the company of other animals, looking after them, learning from them and recognising them as equals. In 2032 we will be bringing back the sacred energy of that time at an even higher level and it is important to let the new children enjoy the harmony, love and lessons of animals in their lives.


    My friend Rosemary Stephenson is a healer who plays crystal bowls and sings. She was invited into an infants’ school to demonstrate for the children. Sixty little ones listened in total silence without fidgeting. When the Head Teacher asked them what they noticed, they all said how peaceful and calm they felt. A little boy piped up, ‘Those three over there have never moved and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen them be still.’ Music soothes the souls of our children.

    Much love, Diana

    Diana Cooper is author of eighteen books, including 2012 and Beyond [190902]. She is Principal of the Diana Cooper School which organises Angel Awareness Day. This year it is on 10.10.10 in London. See

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