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Shifting from Ambition to Meaning

17 May, 2010 Vicky 0

Many years ago, after a conversation with my friend Ram Dass, I wrote these words: All of my life I wanted to be somebody. Now I finally am somebody – but it isn’t me. I […]

Esoteric Healing

17 May, 2010 Vicky 0

I am currently enjoying the third big illness of my life. The first occurred when I was twenty-seven at the end of a two year retreat. I collapsed with a severe hepatitis which the doctors […]

On the Nature of Mind

17 May, 2010 Vicky 0

Having a clear understanding of the mind is essential to unravel the mechanisms of happiness and suffering. That is why psychologists, specialists in neuroscience and philosophers investigate the nature of the mind. It is, after […]

The Swan: Bird of the Soul

17 May, 2010 Vicky 0

To draw close to the birds in spirit, to listen with an open heart to their cascades of song and to attune the soul to their joyous outpourings, is a poignantly beautiful way to embrace […]

Why Kindness is Good For You

17 May, 2010 Vicky 0

We all know that kindness is good for those who receive it, but it is also good for the giver too. Acts of kindness make us happier and healthier, they relieve the symptoms of depression […]

Hello world!

16 May, 2010 Vicky 0

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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