Tapping Into the Field of Consciousness

    Posted by Richard Bartlett
    17 May, 2010

    When we measure, most of us judge what we are measuring. We try to analyze it. We try to make sense of it. We try to make it mean something that fits our perception of the way the real world functions. There is something called innocent perception. Innocent perception or practising the patterns of perception means that you notice whatever shows up. Our path of expectation assumes that there is a cause and effect to things: that if we do this then this will happen, and if we do not, then something else will happen. There is no logic to it. But it is a logic we have embraced.

    Your experience of reality, however you define it, is what you are able to observe and define. This does not mean that you cannot have an experience outside the confines of your reality. What it does mean is that in order to have an experience, you may have to step into a different way of observing, which is fine. One of the things you are going to learn in The Physics of Miracles is how to notice what you notice. I am not referring to your ability to notice what you think you are supposed to observe or think. I will not tell you what the object of the game is but ask you to see with a fresh perspective how to notice what you notice.

    Trust whatever shows up in the moment

    If I look at you at a point right between your eyes, but my visual tracking drifts out several feet from your physical form, I am going to pay attention. Employing a soft gaze, I might ask myself the question, ‘What am I unconsciously noticing out there?’ And then I am going to trust that information to be pertinent and useful to the moment. I am going to think that is worth trusting. So I go here, and way out there, and feel that. There. That gives us access to other possibilities.

    If you find that your eyes go to the floor when looking at someone’s chest, or they are drawn to your ear or someone’s hairdo or a light fixture, then you trust that. When you do that it gives you access to other realities. Once you start to play that way, what has happened is you have encoded for a different experience. You are starting to see more of the information that is not normally accessible to your sensory apparatus until you assign the priority to pay attention.

    All you need to do for massive change to be available to you is to notice something that gets your attention. It is about trusting and letting yourself go to the place where your attention is drawn. This is a measurement. Allow yourself to notice something in the moment, and that will be your first point. The measurement of the feeling or expression or anything that could give you a new reference can constitute the second point.
    I do not know what that is going to be, and you do not need to know. This is a secret contract and is ‘eyes only’ and on a ‘need-to-know basis.’ Just moving into a space where any aspect of your life can be different opens up a door of possibility for you to be there. You want to be in a space where things can show up differently instead of achieving the observed result of your normal expectations. Don’t be over concerned by what seemingly eludes your conscious attention.

    A relaxed scepticism

    It’s okay to allow yourself to be perplexed or even to question whether anything I am saying is real or true. That is a healthy attitude to maintain, one of relaxed scepticism. Allow yourself to embrace the sense of not knowing, for that is where the power is. When you release the need to know or to do, you collapse the wave function of the problem set into the unseen answer. Then you can precipitate within yourself the object or state of your desire. If your outcomes are always predicated on your conscious expectations, then where is the space you have set aside for miracles to occupy?

    The true nature of miracles

    The more you intensify and turn up the rheostat of your awareness potential, the more access you are granted to magical realms. Different natural laws function here that allow you to perform feats that to the uninformed might appear to be miraculous in nature. The true nature of miracles is entirely consistent with natural law. It is only natural that universal consciousness is unlimited in potential and scope.

    Within the enlightened potential state of universal being, the concept of limitation is unnatural. Tom Bearden states that the idea that there are laws that govern nature is just plain stupid. Bearden says, ‘You can do anything at all; it might just take you a lifetime to figure out how to do some things.’

    There are no limitations beyond what you can and cannot conceive of doing. Wait a lifetime? Begin now!

    From The Physics of Miracles,
    ©2010 by Richard Bartlett, published by Beyond Words.

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