The Alchemy of Voice: The Creative Power of Sound

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    18 May, 2010

    Sound has an immense creative force. It is a prime component of molecular energy, affects matter and, therefore, has a dramatic impact on the landscape of the world within and without us. Indeed, from time immemorial it has been believed that sound is at the core of creation and shapes the universe within which we live. Dwell for a moment on the very truth of your birth – in a sense your first creative act. As you entered the world, your first independent action was to breathe, and then to make sound – the sound of your creation. Since then, each time you’ve made a sound you’ve re-created yourself!

    Over the centuries, we have developed an understanding of the transformative power of sound and have come to understand how, as a living force, sound also has the ability to transmute life. It can transform our thoughts and feelings and, therefore, the very substance and state of our bodies. For a simple illustration of this, think of how dramatically harsh the sound of a pneumatic drill or car horn can be when it shocks us from a moment of personal reflection. This radical understanding has led scientists to explore exciting new horizons, such as the development of sound wave instruments that have the power to transform cellular energy and, consequently, heal the human body.

    The Power of the Voice

    Yet of all the sounds that exist, I believe the human voice is the most powerful. Its living, breathing, creative force gives us the ability to make wondrous changes in our thinking and feeling, our creating and constructing. For the power of our voice crystallizes thought, and so its energy may be used to transmute our outlook, attitude, beliefs, creativity, and physical presence; it transforms our lives.

    Think of the way a certain piece of music can have a profound effect on your mood. Now imagine that there is a far greater power within you, which is available at all times and which, when directed by you, can affect not only your mood but your entire outlook and belief about your personal power in the world. This instrument of sound you possess – your voice – can become your own liberating, creative, and life-changing force.

    The voice can move us to tears, shatter a glass, or heal a broken heart. It can mesmerize, seduce, infuriate, or command – inspire fear and dread, trust and love. The sound of a voice can evoke memories, sensations, thoughts, and feelings. It has an awesome force to make or break strong bonds, to torture or uplift, create or destroy. The voice, therefore, lies at the core of our personal power and resonates the essence of our truth.

    Such is the power of the voice. Yet many of us take our own voice completely for granted. We use it as an everyday tool, seldom giving it a second thought. We may like it, or we may feel it’s too high, low, loud, or quiet, but most of the time we simply use it without thinking.

    Speak with Your True Voice

    The voice is a glorious gift. It carries the potential for great influence, over ourselves as well as others. Used to its full capacity, your voice has the power to affect your life in a multitude of wonderful ways, and when you begin to understand and work with it, it becomes far more than something that simply trips from the end of your tongue. When it is connected to your heart and comes from deep within you, then it will have the power to transform your life. When you speak with your true voice, which means using your own unique ‘signature note,’ you will feel and live with true authenticity. Your confidence levels will soar, and that sense of self – of being someone who is both heard and who hears others – will be greatly increased. As a result your ability to achieve what you want in life will be powerfully and vitally enhanced.

    When you rediscover your ability to speak from the heart you profoundly affect not only the quality and resonance of your voice but the way in which you communicate with others. You will be heard more easily, convey your words more effectively, and communicate at a far deeper and more heartfelt level. Those around you will automatically be drawn to you, sensing your authenticity and whole-heartedness. Your body, mind, and spirit will become more balanced, and you will find it easier to live in the truth of present-moment consciousness.

    From The Alchemy of Voice, ©2010 by Stewart Pearce, published by Findhorn.

    What does your voice say about you?
    Think about the following questions:
    What does your voice tell those around you?
    Which tone do you use most frequently?
    Which words do you choose?
    How would others describe your voice?
    Try the following exercise, writing down your thoughts and responses to it.
    Getting to know your Voice
    Spend a day listening to your own voice. Notice your tone and words. Then write a brief description of your voice and the way you use it. Answer the following questions.

    1. Does your voice sound flat and dull, or lively and energetic?
    2. Are you expressive, or do you seldom change your tone?
    3. Do you mumble, speak fast, hesitate, or seldom stop?
    4. Are you loud or soft? Do you often sound angry, uncertain, timid, bossy, or confident?
    5. Do you shout, plead, or give orders?
    6. Do you get the response you would like from others without raising your voice?
    7. Do you leave out final consonants in the words that you choose?
    8. Does speaking more loudly feel as though it strains your voice?
    9. Do you feel self-conscious about your voice?
    10. What would you change about your voice?

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