Money is Love

Posted by Barbara Wilder
1 July, 2010

The first time I heard the phrase ‘Money is Love’, from Stanley Messenger, a British metaphysics scholar, I was struck immediately by the simple truth in it.

I was aware that abundance and goodwill were synonymous, but it wasn’t until the words money and love came together in that simple sentence that the idea became more than an intellectual conundrum.

I, like most people, thought of money in the company of other words: words such as greed, fear, lack, anger, hatred, discrimination, recession, depression, inflation, deflation, angst, hardship, organized crime… need I go on? Yet with all these negatives, I conceded that almost everybody’s dreams are about getting money.

One thing seemed clear: we humans have a love/hate relationship with money that is deeply embedded in our psyches. We want money for what it can buy, but at the same time, we think money is bad, dirty, filthy lucre.

It was at this point that I asked myself – what if this hadn’t always been the case? What if money hadn’t always been devoid of goodness or separated from the sacred? Could money have its roots in the sacred? And if it did, was there some way for money to be reconnected to those roots?

Divine origins

My research took me from history to pre-history. And it was in the prehistoric that I began to get a real sense of money’s original sacredness and its gradual separation from that divine origin. Today, this separation seems to be complete.

Sacredness and divinity are not in themselves easy concepts for the modern Western mind. But love is something we do understand. In that case, I realised, love must be the connecting emotion, which could help us restore money to its sacred place in the world.

I knew from the first time I heard the words ‘Money is Love’ that it held a practical meaning for individual people. But what could it be? And then it clicked. Money is energy. Not just symbolic energy, but literal energy.

I pulled a $10 bill out of my wallet and held it in my hand. It was just paper, but it didn’t feel like ordinary paper. That $10 bill was invested with a powerful energy. Was the paper itself energy, or was it the way I thought about the paper that endowed it with energy? Is money energy directed by our thoughts about it? Quantum physicists have begun to understand that human attention focused on particles of energy can influence and change the nature of that energy. Thought directs energy and energy follows thought.

Money is energy

A wonderful truth began to dawn on me. If money is energy and thought directs energy, we must be able to consciously direct the flow of money/energy in our lives. The practical ramifications of money responding to our thoughts were fantastic.

Money, however, isn’t just pure energy. Money is energy that has been directed by human thought and consciousness for thousands of years.

Throughout history, humanity as a collective intelligence has created what money is and how it moves through society. Up until now this has been an unconscious activity. And all human experience and human emotions have been injected into the energy we call money.

Money may have begun as a form of exchange infused with the sacred energy of a divine creator, but it has become pretty damned polluted. Today, money carries with it all the fear, anger, and greed that every individual has felt about it as it passed through their hands.

Money is energy that should flow freely through our lives and throughout the world. But fear blocks the flow. Fear is like a dam. Hoarding, greed, belief in lack and scarcity are all elements of fear, and together they create a great dam that backs up the flow.

So if we human beings have infused money with all this negative baggage, it only stands to reason that we should also be able to clean and infuse it with positive power.

Freeing the flow

To clean money, to redirect it from the profane to the profound, will take concerted and conscious effort on the part of many individuals. This will happen with one person at a time joining the effort. It is hard work. But the reward is living an abundant life, free of money worries. Sound impossible? It only requires changing our minds.

One by one, as we decide to change money energy from greed, few, lack, and suffering, into love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, our own circumstances will change for the better. This will happen because the money, free of its old fear-based baggage, will be able to flow. Then infused with its new attributes of love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, the money will infect the way we feel, think and behave.

Abundance will begin to flow through our lives. Money will simply be there. We will find ourselves working at jobs that have meaning to us. We will find ourselves living in a state of joy. We will even become free to think about how we can share our abundance.

The fear that there is not enough money comes from our separation from the sacred aspect of money. In the divine realm, there is abundance for all. But over the centuries, we have created a world of duality, where the material world and the spiritual world have become separated.

When we change the energy around money from fear to love, we bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual world and make it possible for the unlimited abundance of the Divine to flow freely into our own lives and throughout the world.

We stand at a crossroads of human evolution. A powerful tool for accomplishing this transformation is to change money into love.

When money, infused with love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, begins to flow through the world, it can become a healing agent that can transform whatever it touches. I realise this is a radical idea, but I ask that you open your mind, let it be free to wander, to imagine the possibilities.

From Money is Love, ©2010 by Barbara Wilder, published by Cygnus Books, originally published by Wild Ox Press.

by Barbara Wilder

Money is Love is Barbara Wilder’s invitation for you to transform the way you perceive money, to rediscover its sacred origins and recognise it as energy that can be directed by thought. For when we change the energy around money from fear to love, we bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual world and make it possible for the unlimited abundance of the Divine to flow freely into our own lives and throughout the world. We can be freed from the mindset that money is scarce, with all its insidious effects in our own lives and in the world. When money is infused with the thoughts and energy of love, it becomes a healing agent that can transform whatever it touches. In this new edition, published by Cygnus, with text specially updated for readers in the UK and Europe, Barbara offers simple and effective tools, visualizations and exercises for connecting with, cleansing and blessing money.Click here to buy.

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