Life Alignment

Posted by Philippa Lubbock
27 July, 2010

For many years, I have channelled with a team of Light Beings whose sole focus is to send a new healing system and technology into the world to help raise mass consciousness. That is my contract.

Years of experience in a multitude of healing modalities, including radionics and kinesiology, had already taught me two important principles. Firstly, each part of the body vibrates at a different frequency, with all the parts working together as an integrated whole. Secondly, the cause of the majority of our physical conditions is mental-emotional in nature. Muscle testing would show me which body parts were weak from toxicity or disease, but unless the emotional charges embedded in the subtle bodies were released, all the cleansing and physical therapies in the world would have a limited effect.

As a result of applying these two fundamental principles, I developed a simple means of pinpointing emotional patterns, their points of origin, and a process for releasing them. Alongside this process, deep cleansing of the system was essential because as the body rids itself of gross toxins, the vibrational frequency of its energy field increases. This draws the deeply suppressed emotional toxins (patterns) to the surface and the increased vitality of the body supports their release.

Later, as I continued my healing work in Israel, the United States and Europe, there was increasing pressure for me to teach others. However, because of the highly intuitive nature of my work, I didn’t know how it could be done. I should have just trusted I would be shown because, before long, I was guided to go on my own to Bass Lake, where my wife Merle and I ran a retreat centre. I then spent several days in deep meditation, waiting for the answer.

Information download – from Light Beings
During this time, I connected to a group of Light Beings and received, intuitively, a map of reflex points on the body, some of which coincided with other systems I had learned, but there were major differences in the process that would become known as Body Alignment. In my capacity as a channel, information transmitted from higher dimensions is ‘downloaded’ by my bodymind. As a result, I’m continually faced with a daunting task: to understand the information, and know what I am supposed to do with it.

I recognized that Body Alignment was much simpler than the healing models I had studied previously and it appeared to work more rapidly at higher vibrational frequencies. Most techniques I’d used were mechanical in nature, using some form of physical adjustment whether it was tapping, shifting, pressing, or even just touching. Body Alignment combined aspects of vibrational work without touching the body. Applied kinesiology allowed me to tap into the body’s biocomputer to accurately determine the root cause and, as this model developed, there was another significant difference. Most of the corrections made with Body Alignment appeared to ‘hold’, whereas other techniques I had previously used often needed repeating.

Two additional factors contributed to the results of significant and lasting healing. Firstly, without needing to know anything about the individual, the priorities needing energy corrections, or balancing, could be identified directly from the individual’s body through muscle testing. And secondly, all dimensions of the person would be worked with simultaneously.

A year after I downloaded the initial teaching, the first group of eager students assembled to learn the first module of Body Alignment. I was feeling extremely nervous. It had taken me years to connect to the team of Light Beings in order to receive the ‘software’ containing the frequencies and the map of energy gateways through which blocked energy could leave the body and healing energy could enter. If I couldn’t transmit this method, what would I do with them for three days? To my delight and relief, the students found muscle testing, finding the Priorities, and releasing energy blockages easy to learn. At last, with Body Alignment, I had a healing system that others could duplicate.

Each time the team of Light Beings was ready to send through the next teaching module, I would be guided to the lake and, over several days in deep meditation, I would ‘download’ additional body points and processes. Doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychologists, and other complementary practitioners began to integrate Body Alignment into their existing practices and reported numerous cases of rapid healing. While some would choose to use Body Alignment professionally, others simply wanted to learn the technique to heal their families and themselves.

Vortex technology and further techniques
In step with planetary transformation, new parts of the Life Alignment system were – and are still being – added, at regular intervals, including the dramatic entry of the Vortex

technology. This involves a series of cards transmitting individual energy frequencies that are anchored in weak magnets within a protective plastic sheath displaying a sacred geometry pattern. These emit subatomic particles which vibrate within the alpha rhythm range of human brainwaves and are used on the body and the environment to balance and harmonize the energy. Placed above the main door of a building, just one of these cards would clear energetic disturbance through the whole building. Placed on the spine, the energy field of the skeletal system (the body’s scaffolding) would realign in seconds. Each card functions at both environmental and somatic levels. Placed on the body during a Body Alignment session, the subatomic particles radiating from the magnetic cards accelerate and deepen the healing process.

The Life Alignment system gives us the opportunity to connect to the voice and the wisdom of our higher Self. It offers many solutions for today’s problems including the dramatic increase in stress and disease; environmental pollution – in our air, food, water – affecting not just us but the animal and plant kingdoms too; the explosion of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in our everyday lives and, now of course, the economic crisis.

These challenges, many of which were prophesied by seers throughout history, are at a heightened level and require new solutions which address the causal factors rather than just fixing the symptoms. Life Alignment is not just a healing technique, but a journey of discovery of our true purpose here on this beautiful planet. It helps to address the many facets of our lives, and it is my hope that Life Alignment can now spread its transformational effect to many more people and the planet.

From Life Alignment, ©2010 by Philippa Lubbock and Jeff Levin, published by Watkins.

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