Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

Posted by Karl Dawson
29 July, 2010
In 2005 I was completely disabled with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), a condition for which there is currently no known cure. Previously a very active performing-arts lecturer and personal development coach, I was initially devastated by the condition. But what appeared at first to be a drawback turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It started a journey of personal development that was so profound that I am now deeply grateful to the condition and all that it taught me.
Like many great journeys, mine started with a turning point. One day, in a flash of inspiration, I understood that although pain was inevitable, given my physiological condition, suffering was most definitely a choice. In that moment I made the decision to stop fighting my condition. I made a pledge to accept where I was and learn from it, and I labelled myself as someone who was ‘in recovery’ from ME, rather than ‘suffering’ from ME.

I dealt with the physical aspects of my condition using various techniques, with some good results. But psychologically I still had a number of issues. Most of these arose from invasive memories that had plagued me for years. Despite trying various talk therapies and other healing modalities, I was no closer to ending the emotional pain that I lived in. All that changed when I encountered EFT.

I learned the EFT tapping sequence from a book and applied it to the pains in my calves. After a few minutes I experienced a sensation which was like ice cracking up the back of my legs. Then there was a shooting pain that went from my legs, up my back and seemingly out of the top of my head. Simultaneously, I burst into tears, laughing and crying at the same time. This went on for several minutes and then I stopped cold. The pains that had crippled me so badly for so long had completely gone.

Following this amazing experience, I sought EFT practitioner training. I was particularly drawn to working with Karl Dawson. I had no idea that he himself had overcome chronic fatigue-related health issues using EFT. It was as if the universe led me to him.

Resolving trauma
In addition to ME, throughout the whole of my adult life I had experience bipolar affective disorder. When I attended the EFT training, while working with another group member, I got into severe difficulty. We were using EFT to resolve an abuse memory I had when suddenly I flipped into bipolar depression. I was suddenly terrified of being in a room full of strangers. However, Karl spotted that I was in trouble and used Matrix Reimprinting on me. Not only did I quickly resolve the trauma, but I uncharacteristically flipped straight out of the depression. This was the last time I experienced bipolar depression. The memory that I had worked on had obviously been the main trigger.

Despite my vast range of qualifications in a whole host of healing modalities, I can safely say that Matrix Reimprinting has now grown to be my tool of choice for dealing with any physical or emotional issue.

Key principles
Matrix Reimprinting originated from EFT, a self-help tool that is used to resolve or improve any physical or emotional issue, destructive thought pattern or form of behaviour. It involves tapping on points along the body’s meridian system – the system used in acupuncture. While tapping on the points, you bring to mind physical symptoms or negative memories. This helps to release life stresses or physical issues from the body’s energy system and allows it to return to emotional and physical health.

Matrix Reimprinting uses the same acupuncture points as EFT, and they are tapped in the same way, but the protocols are very different. It is based on a number of key principles. One of these is the quantum physics theory that we are all connected by a unified energy field, known as the Matrix. In order to practise Matrix Reimprinting, you will need to grasp the following principles:

1. We are all made up of energy that vibrates so fast we appear as solid matter.
2. We are linked by a web that connects us all, known as the Matrix.
3. We send our thoughts out into the Matrix and those thoughts are attracted back to us as life experiences.
4. We can change how we experience life by changing the pictures in the Matrix.

Our understanding of the unified energy field has brought with it the knowledge that we are creators or our own realities, because what we focus on sends ripples into the Matrix that reflect back to us. Many of us have now learned that the universe responds to consciousness and our thoughts become our reality. Our beliefs, fears, hopes and dreams are all reflected back to us by the Matrix in the world that surrounds us.

Replacing Matrix memories
Our more challenging life experiences are held as pictures in the Matrix in the form of Energetic Consciousness Holograms, or ECHOs. At the moment a trauma occurs, if we can’t fight or take flight, feel isolated and realise there is no way out, we simply freeze. Our chemical responses protect us biochemically from being emotionally and physically overwhelmed, and as our consciousness freezes, part of us splits off energetically. At this point an ECHO is created.

When the ECHO splits off, it is held in the Matrix. It contains all the information about the traumatic event and that event is numbed out from our consciousness as if it never happened. But it lives on in the images of our subconscious and dictates our response to future situations. Similar events will trigger a similar response and so we suffer stress, anxiety, phobias, and so on, which affect our interactions in everyday life and eventually take their toll on our physiology.

With Matrix Reimprinting we can interact with these ECHOs to transform these past pictures and replace them with supportive ones.

On a cellular level, these pictures are real-life events happening now. Memories are only memories to the conscious mind. To the subconscious mind they are current events. You may want to ask yourself what ‘current events’ are keeping you from healing and happiness.

Matrix Reimprinting can release the energy of the trauma and bring about permanent healing through changing the pictures in the field. So if you have negative life pictures that are holding you in the past, you can change them for positive ones. We can use Matrix Reimprinting to resolve these negative beliefs and return to health, happiness and wellbeing in the present.

From Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, ©2010 by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby, published by Hay House.

Suggested further reading and viewing:
The Divine Matrix [170712] by Gregg Braden, The Field [130404] by Lynne McTaggart,   The Secret DVD [D170202] and The Living Matrix DVD [D200101].

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