Rewriting the Reality Code

Posted by Gregg Braden
9 July, 2010

If we think of the entire universe as a massive consciousness computer, then consciousness itself is the operating system, and reality is the output. Just as a computer’s operating system is fixed and changes must come from the programs that speak to it, in order to change our world, we must alter the programs that make sense to reality: feelings, emotions, prayers and beliefs.

Relatively few people creating a new program in consciousness can make a huge difference in the outcome of our collective reality. The key is that someone must do it first.

One person must choose a new way of being and live that difference in the presence of others so that it can be witnessed and sealed into the pattern. In doing so, we upgrade our programs of belief and send consciousness the blueprint for a new reality. We’ve seen this principle work many times in our past: from Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed to Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr, numerous individuals lived a new way of being in the presence of others. And they did so within the very consciousness that they chose to change. We may have heard about such powerful examples of change for so long that we take them for granted today.

A closer look at the way these masters have gone about seeding new ideas in an existing paradigm, however, is nothing short of astonishing. If we were to see such a thing in our computer analogy, it would be the equivalent of having our word-processing software suddenly reprogram itself to do rocket science… if such a thing happened, it would be the epitome of artificial intelligence! And that’s just about how miraculous it is for us to create a great change in the presence of the same beliefs that have limited us in the past.

We don’t have to be saints to make a difference
That’s why it’s so powerful when we find a way to trust in a universe that gives us good reason to fear, find forgiveness on a planet that’s been entrenched in revenge, or find compassion in a world that has learned to kill what is feared or not understood. This is precisely what our master teachers accomplished. By living their wisdom, compassion, trust and love, visionaries of our past changed the ‘software’ of belief that was speaking to the ‘operating system’ of consciousness. As the seeds of new possibilities, they ‘upgraded’ our reality.

Today we have the same opportunity. We don’t have to be saints to make a difference. There’s an interesting distinction that makes our current choices different from those of our past. The scientific studies show that the more people there are who embrace a new belief, the easier it is to anchor that belief as a reality. While Buddha, Jesus and the other masters may have been the first to accomplish what they did, their examples proved to be the catalysts that opened the door for others to do the same. Even Jesus himself suggested that future generations would do what looked miraculous to the people of his day.

There have been many years and many people that have followed the lead of such visionaries, and the momentum of what they offered is the advantage that we have over the visionaries of our past. Today we know that we can heal our bodies and live to an advanced age. We know that love, appreciation and gratitude are the life-affirming qualities that infuse our bodies with vitality and our world with peace. And we know that with the knowledge to upgrade what we say to the Divine Matrix, relatively few people can make a big difference.

Becoming a living bridge
So what do we do with such knowledge? What happens if one person decides on a new response to an old and hurtful pattern? What occurs if someone chooses to respond to ‘betrayal’ or ‘violated trust’ for example, with something other than hurt and anger? What do you think takes place in a family when one member begins to watch the six o’clock news without feeling the need for revenge or to get even with those who have wronged and violated others? What happens is this: That single individual becomes a living bridge – both the pioneer and midwife – for every other person with the courage to choose the same path. Each time someone else makes the same choice, it’s a little easier because another person did it first.

The key to their success is that in order to do so, they must¬†transcend¬†the things that hurt them without getting lost in the experience. In other words, Martin Luther King Jr couldn’t bring a stop to hate by hating. Nelson Mandela couldn’t have survived more than two decades in a South African prison if he had despised those who imprisoned him. In the same way, it’s impossible to end war by creating more wars. We’ve seen a powerful example of precisely this principle in our inability to find peace in the 20th century. Bottom line: In a universe that mirrors our beliefs, it’s clear that angry people can’t create a peaceful world.

In our examples of those who have changed the cycles of oppression from within the oppression itself, two powerful patterns emerge:

1. The choice to see beyond the hate originates from within the same system that spawns it, rather than being imposed upon the system from an outside source.

2. The people who make such a choice become the living bridge for those people they love the most. They find their truest power by living their truth in a system that doesn?t support their beliefs at the time.

A change made anywhere in the system becomes a change everywhere in the system
What a powerful model! The fact that consciousness operates holographically means that a change made anywherein the system becomes a change everywhere in the system. Even with six billion-plus people now sharing our world, we all benefit to some degree from the choices of peace and healing that are held by just a few. I can say that with certainty because we?ve witnessed this principle at work. Through our knowledge of the Divine Matrix, we now have everything we need to embrace our power to create and apply what we know to the great challenges of our time.

From The Divine Matrix, Copyright 2007 by Gregg Braden, published by Hay House.

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