Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body!

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    1 July, 2010

    Do you know that there are secret messages hidden in your cells? Do you know that uncovering these messages could have a profound effect on your health, as well as every aspect of your life?

    This twenty eight day program – which is based on my original Soul Coaching® program – takes you on a journey into the vast inner universe of your body, where mysteries dwell as great as any that can be found in the heavenly bodies above. There are wondrous secrets in your cells, glands, and organs that can unveil countless insights about your life. As these perceptions are revealed, your radiance expands and your body becomes lighter and freer.Your body is a receiving station that is constantly absorbing deeply meaningful messages from the world around you, as well as from spiritual spheres and your spiritual mentors. However, you can’t hear those messages if your body is clogged with inner static. This interference doesn’t just come from lack of exercise or an overload of junk food; in the deepest sense, it’s a result of self-imposed, limiting beliefs and fears that have become lodged in your energy field.

    Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body will show you how to successfully manoeuvre through – and clear away the static from – the labyrinth of energy fields in your physical form. As you do so, your body turns into a powerful sending and receiving station of energy, light, and spirit. And, most important, you fell sparkling and bright!

    The primary aim of the Soul Coaching® Health Program is to remove this inner debris so that you can connect with the spiritual wisdom of your body. This isn’t a diet plan or a technique for controlling the intake of food and drink, nor is it a physical-exercise regimen or fitness program. There is deep intelligence in your body that absolutely knows what you need in every moment and understands that getting healthy isn’t about depriving or constricting yourself. It’s about living life lusciously, and cherishing and honouring yourself. This is a journey to lighten your soul and, thus, lighten your body.

    Your body is your soul’s secret messenger
    In its most profound sense, the word soul describes your true essence. It’s that place within you that is eternal and universal. It’s the substance that links your body and spirit to the greater forces of the universe. When you take care of the needs of your soul, your body responds immediately. And as every cell begins to sing with joy… miracles abound and an inner radiance shines through you.

    Every single day your soul is whispering to you; it’s speaking to you through your body. If you ever want to receive an immediate message, delve deep into your body and the message will come forth: you’ll learn how to listen for these insights and understand their meaning.

    Mystical synchronicities
    An incredible thing happens once you commit to Soul Coaching: your life will seem to unfold in a remarkable – almost magical – way. It’s amazing but true! When you declare that you’re ready to discover and clear any blockages within the myriad dimensions of your body (and are willing to dedicate one month of your life to doing so), then the loving forces of the universe coalesce to propel you in the direction of your destiny.

    Synchronistic events and seeming ‘coincidences’ begin to increase exponentially in your life, and your life-force energy expands. I’m not sure why it happens, but I do know that it does happen.
    Once you dedicate yourself, the universe hears that declaration… and extraordinary events seem to emerge within your life, all aimed at a deep soul cleansing and clearing.

    A powerful, inner-cleansing system
    This program is based on three premises:

    1. Everything is energy
    Everything is energy – including your body – and in every moment you’re influencing (and also being influenced by) a multitude of energy fields. The choices you make, the thoughts you think, the judgments you harbour, the emotions you experience, the people you spend time with, the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the environments you occupy… all of these affect the energy fields that make up your body.

    You’ll discover what’s affecting them, such as the emotional clutter that manifests in physical ailments. You’ll also learn what you can do to release internal mental and emotional stagnation to become more vibrant.

    2. Everything is in a constant state of change
    No matter what shape your body is in, how overweight it is, or what health challenges you’re facing, you can transform your health. It’s possible to heal and balance your body now… even if nothing has worked to date. Through clearing old patterns, and using your conscious intent and the law of attraction, you can change the shape and health of your body.

    3. Everything has consciousness
    Every gland, organ and cell in your body has an awareness with which you can communicate and even influence. This isn’t new information; in ancient native cultures, interfacing with the body on a cellular level was considered a pathway to healing.

    In an even deeper sense, your personal consciousness isn’t separate from the consciousness of the universe. To the extent that you can discover the intimate connection between yourself and the world around you, the more you can transform your body.

    Incorporating the four elements
    This spiritual journey is divided into four one-week periods, each dedicated to one of the four elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. In a mysterious and organic way, our memories, beliefs and emotions are tied to the elements of nature. By activating these elements within us, we also activate quadrants of our souls.

    The soul loves the truth
    This program is about unlocking the secret messages within, revealing the truth about your life and your body. When you tell the truth, your energy, vibrancy, and health increases. When you are authentic, your soul and body thrive.

    Uncovering the reality of who you are and what you’re really feeling will have a profound effect on your health. When you live and act in accordance with the truths of your soul, your body flourishes.

    Remember to be gentle with yourself, and cherish your accomplishments. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start – you’ve already initiated your steps toward your sparkling light, joy and vitality.

    You are now ready to begin your spiritual journey into the vast inner wonders of your body, activating your radiant life force.

    In powerful and often mysterious ways, the effects will manifest in your health and vitality for years to come. You have my love and support on your continuing journey into the secret messages of the body.From Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body!, ©2010 by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.

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