Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls

Posted by Cygnus Team
24 August, 2010

I’d like to introduce to you a beautiful way to marry the act of blessing with the creative healing power of the angels. The result is the release of a gentle but stupendous positive force that works magic in our lives.

The act of blessing is magical. Human blessing carries great power. When we consciously ally our human power of blessing to that of the angels, we create a dynamo of transformative, God-sourced energy that can work miracles.

Blessing scroll for healing
Although this scroll invokes a blessing for healing people, it can also be used in order to supplicate healing for an animal, a body of water, a wood or a meadow, a garden or a tree or plant, or even a room or a building. You can make use of it in creative ways, such as in the case of a fraught situation, a negative tendency or some pattern of consistent bad luck.

The Angels
The great archangel of healing is Raphael, whose mystery manifests in equal measure through feminine and masculine aspects. All healing flows forth from Raphael. His key word is ‘consolamentum’, the title of a secret ceremony administered by the Cathars of medieval France, by means of which their priests dispensed spiritual wholeness and an unfettered vision of the higher worlds. This word vibrates throughout his being. In itself it can soothe and restore, and summon the magic of healing to the ailing, fragmented soul.

Raphael’s form is mighty, as tall as a cathedral. His eyes shine with loving compassion, emitting a great light, and yet they are as mellow and gentle and deep as the glow of ancient and mysterious gold. His lips utter rhythmic healing chants, beautiful in their vibration, becoming from time to time a great burst of exquisite song, which pierces the listening soul with an irresistible tide of love as renewal, as reawakening, as revivification. Hear his soft chanting and his burst of song through which the cadence of the word ‘consolamentum’ beats like a spirit drum.
There is the fragrance of cleansing joy in the robes of Raphael, and golden healing in his wings. Let those golden wings of light enfold you in their great arcs of sweeping spiritual force, and know yourself as perfect in light, perfect within the sunlight of his healing embrace.

Now see his vast host of healing angels as they come in countless choirs to the golden-winged feet of their master, ready to receive his blessing and the touch of his radiant hands, which bestow the gift of spiritual life-forces from the ineffable and cosmic reservoir that is his/her very being.

Some come on Raphael’s own golden ray, bright and deep in hue, some gently glowing as with the marigold light of a summer evening sun, some with the light of the early morning rays.

Some come in on a single colour ray, all blending in an assembled mystery of soft rose, or glowing emerald-green or sweet heavenly blue.

Some sweep in like a tide, arrayed in iridescent rainbow colours, subtle, shimmering and beautiful, as though their hues shone through the purest crystal.

Some bear a most holy pearlescent light, which is wonderful to see: the pearly light of noble unicorns from the high places of the soul, and of precious stones from a sublime sea that beats on the shores of Paradise.

A great host of the healing angels are dressed in simple garments of the purest white, an unearthly whiteness that is so vast and deep that it is the heart of peace itself, making earthly whiteness seem almost dark in comparison. Yet you may note how soft and gentle to the eye is the whiteness of these sacred garments, a whiteness that does not dazzle, as if pushing away, but rather tenderly enfolds you in its magical light.

Draw near to Archangel Raphael and his great host of angels. Absorb the consciousness and the forces that their aura emanates. Whether you are making this blessing scroll for yourself or for a friend, you will need to be a strong and sure conduit for the healing angels.

If the scroll is intended as a general blessing for good health, or if the healing you require is emotional rather than physical, it will not be necessary to call on other angels. However, if you, or the person for whom the scroll is intended, suffer from a serious illness, include the angel Malachi in your meditations and add his name to your written blessing. Malachi stands in state in the sphere of finalities. He rules the beginning and the end point in the creational scheme, which is essentially the same. If it is lawful, he will bring closure and demise to the cycle of suffering you wish to end.

In cases of serious illness, call also, through the written and the spoken word, on the angel Sabriel, chief of the order of Tarshishim, the ‘brilliant ones’ associated with the virtues. Sabriel, shining with the light of a thousand stars, overcomes and banishes, returning the soul to its pristine state of ease, peace and grace.

The Celtic Deities

Brigid dispenses healing and wholeness to those who make heart-contact with her. Known as the Triple Goddess, she gently enfolds our three aspects (mind, body, spirit) in her pure and perfect light. Some people experience this as being taken into the folds of her radiant garments. The Scottish islanders understood Brigid’s encompassing as a conducting inwards into her ‘pure sheepfolds’, speaking of her with unsurpassed love and reverence as ‘Brigid of the Mantle’.

Columba was known for his compassion and personal concern for the Scottish communities with whom he worked. He was gifted with the healing power of both the angels and the Christ-essence, and would often hurry away from meals and gatherings to pray for some remote suffering soul whom he sensed was reaching out to him for help.

Arianrhod is the Welsh Goddess of the full moon, of time and destiny. She is one of the famed ‘spinning goddesses’ who produce silver threads from their own soul essence with which to weave the destinies of human souls. We see in this ‘spinning’ signature a reference to the power that sustains worlds and universes.

Arianrhod was mistress of a glass tower or spiral castle whose configurations are those of the soul. She is keeper of our spinning chakras, which, when purified and fully activated, do indeed create a crystal tower or spiralling castle known as the ‘soul shrine’. It protects us and frees us when it is perfected, because from then on no path or resonance is closed to us. While we are occupied with the task of bringing it to perfection, however, it can sometimes seem like a prison filled with taskmaster wardens! Arianrhod’s mystical castle was traditionally the place where poets and musicians brought their art to perfection, because, of course, the calibre of the soul must always be that of master poet and musician.

Arianrhod purges and cleanses, and restores balance, harmony and right resonance to our chakras. If we will commune in sincerity with her, she will protect our health and cast out disease.

Decoration Ideas
Whether you want to decorate a shortened scroll for display purposes or a full-length scroll for secretion, here are some ideas to inspire you.
There are innumerable symbols for healing and good health. Choose those to which you feel most drawn, yet also include the cross of light within the circle of light, as it is perhaps the most powerful, together with the six-pointed star. This is formed from two equilateral triangles, one pointing upwards and the other downwards. It is important to note, however, that this mystical star does not contain the inner divisions of the Star of David. It is a symbol of wholeness.
The unicorn is a healing symbol, as is the dragon. The caduceus (a staff around which coil two opposing snakes from foot to tip) is the supreme healing emblem of our Western civilization, formally adopted by orthodox medical establishments since the era of ancient Greece, although its origins lie in a much earlier Mesopotamian tradition. It is the sign and symbol of Archangel Raphael.

The Tree of Life, the pine tree, the olive tree, the rowan, the rose and the apple are all powerful healing symbols. The true swastika (in contradistinction to the abomination that the Nazis used), which portrays eight dancing legs moving sunwise or clockwise in a circle, is a holistic symbol, as is the budding rod, the ring and the rainbow. The Egyptian ankh, the pyramid and the cross are all beautiful healing seals, as is the tai-chi-tu (the Chinese symbol denoting the yin and yang forces).

For the angel Raphael, his protection is signified by the caduceus symbol.
For the Celtic deities, their signs are: Brigid: dandelion; Columba: trefoil; Arianrhod: silver thread and clear quartz crystal.

Suitable crystals would be any of the numerous crystals that have healing properties. Bloodstone, emerald, clear and rose quartz are comforting and familiar healing energies to work with. They can be augmented with celestite and angelite. All of these crystals correspond to the angelic realms of healing.

Appropriate aromatic oils would be rosemary, lavender, rose, frankincense and bergamot, which correspond to the angelic spheres of protection and healing.

Writing the blessing
Before starting work on your blessing scroll, assemble and bless your materials, pray to Brigid and Michael, and intone the Supplication to the Celtic Deities. Now intone the Rune of Intent: ‘As I, (say your name), inscribe this scroll, I affirm that my act is holy, my heart pure, and my words vessels which I pray will be filled and blessed with the power of valiant Michael, Brightness of the Mountains, and Brigid of the Mantle, she who dwells in the golden heart of the sun. May Brigid and Michael bless and protect me and the work that I seek to achieve.’

Then write the Blessing, personalizing it by beginning it with the name of the person to whom it is addressed:

‘The shield of Michael is over you,

King of the bright angels;

He is shielding and encircling you

From your summit to your sole.

Raphael, glorious one,

Coming to you in raiment of rainbows,

Coming to you on rays of angels

Arrayed in rainbow garments

Fresher than the first rays of the morning.

(Insert recipient’s name)

You are the love of the God of Life,

You are the love of the Son of Light,

You are the love of Mary of the Purities,

You are the love of Brigid the Beauteous,

You are the love of Holy Spirit,

You are the love of each living creature.

Hail, Raphael of all healing!

Power of Heaven and power of God is yours!

By the power of the highest love,

Make and preserve this beloved one whole!

Peace and light be,

Peace of love be,

Peace of healing be,

Peace of wholeness forever be yours,

Peace of wholeness forever be yours,

You, (insert name), who are beloved of angels and of God.’

In addition to the Blessing, you will also intone the Prayer to Brigid and Michael:

‘In the name of Brigid the Shining One,

In the name of the Great Chief,

I ask that my prayer for blessing be heard.

I ask that you purify my intention

And make my mind a mountain pool of clarity,

The fish in it leaping and silver

To summon the brightness of the blessing

From the hills of the angels.

May the Archangel Michael, and Brigid the Radiant

In whom dwells the presence of Divine Mother,

Of their benevolence,

Hear and grant my prayer.

By Brigid, by the Great Chief of the Angels, may it be so.’

From Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls, ©2010 by Claire Nahmad, published by Watkins and available from Cygnus Books.

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