Angels: My Friends, Companions and Teachers

Posted by Cygnus Team
22 September, 2010

I see angels all the time. I cannot remember any time I have not seen angels. From the very moment I opened my eyes after I was born they were there – even though at the time I did not know they were angels. When lying in my cot as a baby, I would see them around my mother. I would be playing, trying to catch them but I never could. I see them as clearly as I see my daughter sitting across the dinner table from me, and I talk with them as I talk with other people, but I can also communicate with them without words. To me there has never been a day when I haven’t seen angels.

For me it is the most natural thing to see them. Angels are my best friends and companions. The angels told me when I was quite young that I should keep what I was seeing a secret, so I didn’t even tell my parents or brothers and sisters.

A tremendous power
I don’t know why God has chosen me in this way. I don’t think I’m better than anybody else. In fact, when I was a child the doctors told my parents that I was retarded. I’m certainly not perfect. I’m just an ordinary person, and an ordinary person with learning difficulties at that. But He did choose me and He sent His angels to teach me. When I see an angel I want to stop and stare. I feel like I am in the presence of a tremendous power.

When I was younger, the angels generally adopted a human form – to make it easier for me to accept them. Now that’s no longer absolutely necessary. The angels I see do not always have wings, but when they do I am sometimes amazed by their form. Sometimes they are like flames of fire, and yet they have shape and solidity. Some angels’ wings have feathers like the wings of the Bird Angel.

When angels have a human appearance – with or without wings – their eyes are one of their most fascinating features. Angel eyes are not like human eyes. They are so much more alive, so full of life and light and love. It’s as if they contain the essence of life itself. Their radiance fills me completely.

I have never seen an angel’s feet actually touch the ground; when I see one walking towards me, I see what looks like a cushion of energy between the ground and their feet.

The Bird Angel appears
An angel stepped through the trees and the light surrounding this angel grew brighter and brighter. The angel had a human appearance. He was tall and elegant. He was radiant, his face gold in colour and his eyes gleaming with light like pearls with light shining through them would. His clothes were draped over him but as he moved not a fold changed. A golden sash was wrapped around his waist and around his neck hung a necklace made of round gold links with one large green sapphire at the V point. As with all angels his feet didn’t touch the ground. He was surrounded by golden birds in flight and on the ground around him were all kinds of birds – crows and jackdaws and all kinds of little birds including robins, sparrows, finches and tits.

Suddenly, light exploded from the sapphire, with incredible rays of light and energy, shooting in all directions. At the same time the small birds suddenly lifted from the ground, flying towards the angel. Then they flew into the rays of the emerald-green sapphire and finally into the sapphire itself. There the birds disappeared.

The angel now walked towards me and opened up his wings and moved them gently. They were enormous and incredibly beautiful. I could see each individual perfect feather. They varied in size from enormous feathers to small ones. All the feathers were white but a tint of gold reflected from each feather. Angels don’t always have wings and the wings don’t always give the impression of feathers, but I knew this angel was different. Because this was the Bird Angel. I had last seen him shortly before my husband Joe had died. Joe had only been dead a few months and I was missing him terribly. I was so thrilled though to see the Bird Angel – and to know that he had come to comfort me as I was sitting on my own on a log in woodland near my home.

The touch of wings

The Bird Angel now knelt down in front of me and wrapped his enormous wings around me. I could feel the touch of his wings around my body. As I snuggled into the Bird Angel I felt so peaceful. I whispered to him, ‘Thank you for coming to comfort me.’

He whispered back, ‘Every time you see a bird, I want you to think of me and smile.’ I could feel the Bird Angel unwrapping his wings slowly from around me. Then he put his hand under my chin and raised my head up; his eyes were smiling at me, alight with such tenderness and love, his face glowed gold. There was no need for more words.

The Bird Angel stood up slowly, saying goodbye as he let go of my hand. He started to move back slowly and as he did so he grew enormous in size and, once again, his enormous wings opened up. The wings started moving, beating swiftly and smoothly with a rhythm that sounded like a drum. He started flying upwards gradually and then he stopped and hovered. The area of the radiant light that shone from him was full of birds. Then the Bird Angel and all the birds disappeared into the light.

From Stairways to Heaven, ©2010 by Lorna Byrne, published by Hodder and Stoughton.

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