Shamanism: the Book of Journeys

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    14 September, 2010
    Have you ever wanted to travel to other worlds?
    Have you ever longed for helping companionship?
    Have you ever searched for wisdom, clarity and direction?
    These are the realms of of the shamanic journey. It is in these realms that you will find your guides waiting patiently for you to ask them to take you places, to show you information and to gift you with power, energy and wisdom that can be used in your life here in the Earth realm.Shamanic journeys are doorways to parallel realities. Within these worlds we find helping spirits capable of guiding us towards goals or dreams we have for ourselves, personally and collectively. Shamanism is an ancient way of life, and yet we are seeing a great resurgence of it in today’s mechanized world. Access to the world of spirit is simple and available to all; no high tech gadgets to buy, no professional degrees or years of study and expense needed. All that is required is the desire to move your life from where it is today, to where you dream it can be tomorrow and in the days and years ahead. The shamanic world will offer you information about existing dilemmas and show you new possibilities for living a more fulfilling life. It is not a world that dictates actions or absolutes, but rather a world that whispers possibilities of what you might do to solve these dilemmas. These whispers are then subject to your free will. All choices, decisions, and ultimately the actions to be done to achieve these goals are left up to you.

    The Shamanic Journey is also a healing world. Entrance into the reality of disembodied spirit can help heal and soothe your mind, body and your personal spirit or soul. Sometimes a journey can be a like a vacation from embodied life – leaving you refreshed, invigorated and ready to continue your path. The wisdom and direction found within a journey can both clarify and fortify your chosen path in life.

    In following the shamanic path, you will be asked to look deep into your core being. In this core, you will find profound understanding and deep love for yourself. At the same time you will gain an experiential knowledge of the connectedness of All. It is one thing to know that we are all connected, and quite another to experience that connectedness. It is in this space of connectedness that we find the notion of shamanic ecstasy – oneness with all our relations, embodied and disembodied, with Creator/source, with the All. Once you have experienced this ecstasy of connectedness and oneness, you will never feel alone.

    When examining your core being, you will come face to face with aspects that are causing dis-ease, imbalance or disharmony within yourself. And what you find may not be easy for you to see. Shamanism is a very personal form of spirituality. You will stand naked before yourself and see yourself for who you are. You may learn things that you do not wish to learn; things that the spirits, who will guide you, know you must see if you wish to move forward to the person you desire to be. If you want to fulfill your intended dream, harsh as it may seem, you must see these naked truths. But as you listen to the words spirit gently whispers to you, you will soon feel within your heart and know within your mind the true nature of spirit Herself: love, understanding and compassion. The messages and lessons spirit will offer will always be laced with these three attributes. Fear not when you journey because you will never be alone. Always, spirit guides will be with you, whether those you work with on a regular basis or those who present themselves for the purpose at hand. Even when you are unaware of the presence of guides, they will still be there for you, for all that happens within the realm of spirit is ruled by those who dwell there.

    A word about spirit guides
    One of the most pleasant surprises to new journeyers is that these guides are true friends. They each have their own distinct personalities. Some are hilariously funny, some are coy, some tricksters, some pushy – and all are waiting to be asked to become an integral part of your life. Like all relationships, these relationships will need work so trust can develop in both directions. As in everyday reality, the relationships you have with spirits will change over time. New guides will appear and old guides may fall away for a time, only to reappear when needed.

    By looking into this book, you have demonstrated the desire to explore the shamanic world in order to better yourself, and to better your relations with others, individually and communally, locally, nationally and globally. This is the all-important first step, your desire, your dream, your intent for a future different from the past. For intent is everything in shamanism.

    There are hundreds of shamanic books on the shelves. Therefore, and rightly so, you might ask, ‘What is so special about this book?’

    We said shamanism is a personal journey, and it is. This is a book of shamanic journeys. As you will read in the first section, the shamanic journey is a way to access the world of the spirit. Within this book you will find journeys that can help you on your personal quest to find the healing, wisdom and direction you both desire and deserve. What you do with the information retrieved from your journeys will be up to you. We have grouped journeys with similar intent;  however, you will find that these journeys can be modified for other purposes as needed.

    Through the years both Eve and Robert have heard the frustration voiced by students of shamanism that it is often difficult or expensive to find

    shamanic workshops close to home, or to find trustworthy shamanic teachers with whom to study. Many people also tell us that they are able to begin their studies within the context of a workshop community, but then return home wondering what they should do next. This text will assist those of you who are learning on your own with the help of your spirit guides, and will provide continued study for those who have begun the path. It is for beginners and seasoned practitioners. It is for healers who wish to introduce shamanic healing into their practice. It is, bynature, a self guided tour because the true teachers are your spirit guides emanating from your innate ability to connect with and relate to the spirit of the animals and plants around you on our beautiful mother – The Earth. Spirits of the Earth, of the Stars and of the vast cosmos. They are in Pachamama, all space, all time. The human teachers you encounter can only help facilitate your connection to spirit. This book will do just that – facilitate. It will give you suggestions for journeys that you can do as you exercise your shamanic muscles and open your imaginal mind to the endless journeys you can create on your own, and spirit will guide you on your path.

    This is a reference book – a text book filled with ways you can approach spirit in order to find out how to move forward, to access inner healing power, to live complete and whole lives.  It is written for you, the reader who holds a vision of who you want to be, who wants to co-create the community of your desire, who wants to embody your dreams and to know your limitless connection. Or, as Ghandi put it so succinctly, who wants to ‘Be the change you wish in the world’.

    From Shamanism: the Book of Journeys by Robert Levy & Dr Eve Bruce, available from Cygnus Books.

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