The Keys

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    15 September, 2010

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find the keys to unlock the door to your full potential and free yourself from the negative chatter in your mind? What if you could find the keys that would release you from your past pain, fears, and feelings of failure? Suppose for a moment that there were keys that would open you up to immense joy and inner peace: Could you imagine what your life would be like if these keys existed? They do! They’re within you, and with them you’ll  be able to open the door to true empowerment and infinite possibilities.

    We’ve joined to help you find these keys within yourself; your task is to use them. The rewards for ding so are tremendous. You’ll be able to finally resolve any part of your past that’s causing negativity around you. You’ll better understand your life situation and enable yourself to remove the barriers that once stopped you from achieving your goals. You’ll discover how to make positive changes and to systematically create the kind of life you’ve been longing for. You’ll gain a brighter outlook on your future and a renewed zest for living. These keys will allow you to discover who you truly are and to become who you were born to be.

    To assist you on your journey, the book is divided into four chapters:

    Chapter 1: The Key of Awareness
    Chapter 2: The Key of Acceptance
    Chapter 3: The Key of Forgiveness
    Chapter 4: The Key of Freedom

    The first three chapters provide you with keys that open your life up to true empowerment. The first one – awareness – will allow you to free yourself from ego’s control. You’ll learn what the ego is, how it was formed, and how it manipulates you. You’ll  also discover how to conquer it by making yourself capable of all that you desire.

    The second key – acceptance – will help you release all negative judgement toward yourself and other. You’ll finally be able to accept yourself fully for who you were, who you are now, and who you can become. You’ll also learn how to accept others and to discover where you’ve judged and why.

    The key of forgiveness is the third one. This will let you free yourself from the past. You’ll discover how to take the positive lessons forward with you on your life journey and leave the painful emotions behind. Guilt, blame, anger, grudges, and other negative feelings will be released with this key. You can use it to discover whom to forgive and how to forgive yourself and others.

    With the first three keys, you’ll then be able to move on to the fourth and final one – freedom. This opens the door to infinite possibilities. You’ll  discover that you can create the life you’ve longed to live and become the person you were destined to become. You’ll learn to live in honesty, to feel proud of yourself, and to control your ego.

    Throughout each chapter, you’ll also find italicized statements. These are designed to change your thought patterns in an empowering way. Choose the ones that resonate with you, write them down in a notebook, and refer to them daily – doing so will help you maintain a positive focus.

    At the conclusion of each chapter, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned. These pages will guide you through the questions necessary to take what you’ve read and adapt it to your own situation. Give yourself a tremendous gift by doing the work. To acquire the keys, you’ve got to allow yourself to digest, understand, and apply what you’ve learned to your own life. Self growth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to get there; it’s a process.

    The written word is powerful, so write down your self-reflections instead of just mulling over what you’ve learned in your mind. That way, you can go back after you’ve finished the book and reread the pages you’ve written. Those alone will be enough to confirm to yourself that you’ve moved forward – you’ve become aware of ego’s controls, you’ve accepted and forgiven yourself and others, and you’ve moved into freedom.

    Write your letter at the end of each chapter before moving on because each chapter contains knowledge that builds on the previous one. Therefore, doing the work will ensure that you’re ready to continue learning.

    Use this book as an ongoing tool. Once you’ve completed your first four self-reflection letters, refer back to the book, reread it, and write another set of letters. You’ll be amazed by how the knowledge contained withing these pages will resonate with you differently each time you go through it, because who you are and what you’re experiencing in your life during your next reading will be different. Continue to write as many self-reflections as you feel you need to peel back the layers upon layers of old thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs.

    Know that the number of letters – along with the length of time it takes to complete them – will be different for everyone. For that reason, take your time and proceed at your own pace. Write as many as it takes for you to get to the core of who you truly are – to uncover your authentic self and find the you inside that longs to be revealed. You deserve to be free and to live a life of your own creation.

    It’s time to open the door to true empowerment and infinite possibilities – so let the journey begin.

    This excerpt was taken from The Keys by Denise Mark and Sharon Quirt, available from Cygnus Books.

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