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Love Is Who We Are

21 October, 2010 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, They say writers usually write what they most need to read. Well, that’s certainly true in my case! What I’ve been reading over and over again recently is our newly published 2011 calendar […]

The Incredible Power of Gratitude

21 October, 2010 Vicky 0

There is a very beautiful Indian story about a man named Mohan who, like possibly millions through history, wandered through their land looking for the true teacher who would lead them to illumination. Mohan finally […]

A Servant of Compassion

21 October, 2010 Vicky 0

I have been confronted with many difficult circumstances throughout the course of my life, and my country is going through a critical period. But I laugh often, and my laughter is contagious. When people ask […]

Inspiration for an Abundant (Later) Life

21 October, 2010 Vicky 0

So long as our faculties are reasonably sound and we only suffer from the lesser infirmities of advancing age, our final decades can be joyous and fulfilling. Some people may experience bad health, unhappiness and […]

2012: Transition to a New Age

21 October, 2010 Vicky 0

The Mayan fifth world age is drawing to a close. The sixth will begin in 2012, marking the start of a new great cycle of time and the resetting of the clock of precession. We […]

Harmonising with Nature

21 October, 2010 Vicky 0

A dear friend of mine who spent much time in the beautiful Western Isles of Scotland once told me a story about the Queen. HMS Britannia was on its annual summer voyage with its royal […]

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