Posted by Chris Thomas
18 November, 2010

Those of us who have a more ‘alternative’ view of world events are receiving increasingly confusing stories of who we are and just what is the purpose of life on this wonderful planet of ours; all of this confusion being centred round the dates of 2011 and 2012.Over the past few years, I have taken delivery of a growing number of letters and emails and had conversations with people who are becoming progressively more confused over information they have received, from numerous sources, about a race who call themselves ‘Annunaki’. All of this information claims that we are somehow ‘Ascending’, somewhere unspecified, where we will magically transport ourselves to a ‘Fifth Dimension’.

How do we make the leap?

Deep down, we all know we are here on Earth for a reason but, at our current level of consciousness, can’t quite grasp the details of our story. We ‘know’ that we are changing, we also ‘know’ that, as a race, we are set to make a huge leap in consciousness awareness – but how? This is where the confusion arises – how do we achieve what we know we should be achieving, as there do not appear to be any guidelines? This lack of known direction is creating a void, a lack of certainty, which is proving to be very unsettling.

The problem is that all of this discussion about ‘Ascension’ has its attractions but, with that sense of attraction, also comes confusion. This has arisen because, while we know we should be on our amazing Earth, at the same time this offer of ‘Ascension’ suggests that we might be able to achieve ‘a raised consciousness’ by leaving the planet, but without solving any of the problems we have generated.

Into this void has arisen a story which, on the face of it, has many attractions. Here we have an alien race that claim to be our makers and who have returned to Earth, at this time, to help us through our transition to a ‘fifth dimension’. These claims centre round a ‘Galactic Committee’, of varying names and descriptions, who control a large fleet of space-ships, under the control of ‘Ashtar Command’, that are arriving in our solar system with the intention of transporting us off the planet.

Leaving our troubles behind
This ‘Annunaki Plan’ is seductive, offering to take care of all our troubles for us: we (humans) are taken off the planet and so we no longer need to worry about global warming, nuclear weapons, pollution, over-population and food shortages – we wouldn’t have to deal with those kinds of problems, these kind aliens will sort all of that out for us.

But… Having read a great deal of the information these aliens are channelling, nowhere do they state where they are meant to be taking us. Somehow or other, ‘Ascending to a fifth dimension’ is meant to solve all of our problems, cure all of our ills and lead us into a future where all will be ‘beyond our wildest dreams’. However, wherever these aliens take us to, it will not be on Earth. These aliens also state that they created humans to be a race enslaved to the Annunaki. This enslavement should also be taken into account when we consider this ‘Annunaki Plan’.

The alternative
My own viewpoint is that, having researched and written about human history, as recorded in the Akashic, for the past thirty years or so, there is an alternative to this alien ‘Annunaki Plan’.

Firstly, we are not a slave race. When we were first created, we freely chose to come to Earth to explore a request made by the Creator – is human life possible? This is our purpose on Earth, there is no other.Secondly, we are close to answering the Creator’s question. This is what the dates of 2011 and 2012 are about: the completion of ‘The Human Plan’, the completion of the Creator’s quest for an answer. Given we are so close to answering the Creator’s question, why would we want to leave the Earth? The answer: we don’t; if we leave the Earth, we fail in our chosen task and the repercussions of abandoning our Earth will send shock-waves through the whole Universe.

This is my purpose for writing The Annunaki Plan? or The Human Plan?, to try and clarify what our choices are – it is our choice to make. Do we abandon the Earth and travel to an unknown destination and unknown future with an alien race who claim to have ‘created’ humans as their slaves? Or do we stay on Earth and complete the task we set ourselves on the Creator’s behalf and create for ourselves a human future without limits?Answering the Creator’s question
Once we have answered the Creator’s question, we bring to ourselves all of the answers that we need to resolve all of the problems there are on Earth – we can save ourselves and the planet with this one act of completion. Abandoning the Earth means that we leave the Creator’s question unanswered.To try and clarify this confusion over the ‘fifth dimension’. As someone who has worked with the energies of the human body for over thirty years (as a psychic surgeon), my experience has taught me that the body contains a surprising amount of energy (around 12 dimensions) – try applying Einstein’s E=mc2 equation to the body and you will see what I mean. The ‘fifth dimension’ actually relates to the third chakra, about navel level. I am sure we would all agree that ‘Ascending’ to your navel is not a major step forwards in human evolution!©2010, Chris Thomas Further reading: The Annunaki Plan? Or the Human Plan?

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