Conscious Medicine

Posted by Gill Edwards
15 November, 2010

How can we understand the language of the body? Conventional medicine would simply point towards genes, exposure to viruses and toxins, and other physical factors to explain illness. Conscious medicine is more poetic and dream-like. Just as quantum physics restored consciousness to science, conscious medicine restores meaning to illness and dis-ease. We live in a universe in which everything is energy-consciousness, and everything communicates in meaningful ways. Illness and the body are no exceptions.Whether we develop a toothache, a headache or stomach pain – or any other symptom or disease – depends upon the links between the human energy field (also known as the aura, or biofield) and consciousness. It is the nature of our thoughts, emotional expression and defences that determine how energy flows within our biofield, and this creates either vibrant health or various forms of emotional and physical dis-ease.

Over the past thirty years, I’ve seen common patterns in symptoms and dis-ease, as if the body does have a language of its own. Learning to speak this particular ‘body language’ – that is, how the body communicates through illness – can help in tracking down the vibrational causes of dis-ease.

Talking to the body
Even if, however, you cannot figure out what a symptom or disease means by interpreting the ‘body language’, you can talk to your body – or to the condition – directly. After all, everything is conscious. Your body has its own intelligence, and is responding to your thoughts moment by moment, so it seems reasonable to suggest that it can hear and communicate with us.

The ancient wisdom of shamanism tells us that everything has a voice. We can talk to a roaring river, a rugged mountain, a great oak tree or a fluttering breeze. The new physics suggests that energy is inseparable from consciousness. They are two sides of the same coin – so anything that is energy (that is, everything!) has to be conscious. Its consciousness might not be the same as human consciousness, but it is conscious nevertheless.

Not only can you talk to your body (or a disease), but it can talk back to you. After I had a cancer diagnosis, I had several conversations with the tumour. It told me that it had come ‘in answer to my prayers’ – and I quickly saw that it not only offered me a way of resolving the situation that had triggered the cancer, but also gave me a potentially serious condition to heal. This would allow me to deeply explore the world of conscious medicine, which I had wanted to write about for a very long time. The tumour was a personal and professional gift.

Meeting your disease and your inner healer
The body is always our friend. Unless you are getting in its way, your body will remain healthy. However, it will faithfully mirror back the state of your consciousness. If you have symptoms, the body is helpfully waving a red flag at you. It is asking you to wake up, and make some changes.

Here is an inner journey in which you meet with a symptom or disease, and discover more about its messages for you – and also meet with your inner healer. Your inner healer is usually an aspect of your higher self or your body intelligence, though sometimes it takes the form of a guide or teacher from the unseen realms.

Close your eyes, relax deeply, and imagine breathing in and out through your heart. Then imagine that you are in a sacred garden – the sacred garden of your bodymind. Use all your senses to find yourself there, opening the doorway to a deeper reality. When you are ready, go to the place in your garden that holds the symptom or dis-ease that you wish to heal. What does this place look like? What can you hear or sense? How does it feel to be here?

Now ask the symptom or disease to join you – to take on some form that you can speak to. Allow it to join you – whatever form it takes – and greet it with honour and respect, knowing it has been trying to serve you in some way. Perhaps it has been trying to draw your attention to unhealthy patterns of thought that have been dragging you down, and limiting your potential. Perhaps it has come because you have been blocking your own dreams and desires. Maybe it has been trying to protect you from duties or responsibilities that you do not want – or perhaps it is a way of asking for nurturing and support from others, or an excuse for taking time out for yourself, or slowing down the pace of your life. Perhaps it is drawing your attention to needs that you have been ignoring.  Perhaps the illness has come as a way of waking you up spiritually, or to shift you out of stuckness. Or maybe it has come in an attempt to resolve some conflict, or to force you to deal with an issue you’ve been trying to ignore.

Talk now to this person, creature or being that represents your disease, and ask why it has come into your life. Your body is always your friend – so what is the message it has been trying to give you? What gifts has this symptom or disease come to bring you? And ask your dis-ease: ‘What do I have to change – within myself or my life – so that this dis-ease can leave my bodymind, and I can be healthy again? What strengths or qualities do I need to develop? What is the future self that I am trying to give birth to?’

When you are ready, give thanks to the dis-ease, and ask yourself whether it has served its purpose, and you are willing to let it go. If so, watch it being transformed into light, then breaking up into a million fragments of light – and see those tiny beams of light dissolve or melt into the greater Light, and vanish. Feel the relief as you let it go.

Now go to another place in your garden, where you will meet with your inner healer – who might be an angel or archangel, a wise one, healer or shaman from an ancient culture, a being of light or a power animal. This might represent your higher self, a spiritual guide, or your body intelligence. Greet your inner healer – and ask it to heal whatever traumas, thoughts, emotional patterns and neural pathways set up this symptom or dis-ease. Allow this healing to take place – allowing your inner healer to work with your energy.

When the healing is complete, ask your DNA to absorb this healthy new patterning, and to activate a healthy and happy new blueprint for your future – releasing negative thoughts, awakening your higher self, and allowing you to trust in a loving Universe. Allow your inner healer to give you any final guidance that you need to hear. Then give thanks to it – and ask for your healing to continue in the hours, days and weeks to come. When you are ready, bring your awareness fully back into your physical body – knowing that your body is now healing, and that you are now giving birth to a new self.

From Conscious Medicine, ©2010 by Gill Edwards, published by Piatkus.

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