No more papering over the cracks

    Posted by Chris Thomas
    18 November, 2010

    Have you ever been faced with the job of re-decorating a room? You know what it’s like, you strip off the old wallpaper only to find that the plaster is full of cracks. This means either filling in the cracks or re-plastering and all the mess that entails. Well, this is what has been happening for the past months to everybody, either on a personal level, a government level or nationally.

    These are the real symptoms of change; in order to become new, to find out who we truly are, we first have to demolish the old. This process of change we are undergoing requires that everything of the past is cleared out so that we can see the cracks that have been underlying our lives for some time. We cannot become what our potential demands as long as the world, and ourselves, are still layered over with the old paper, old ways of being, which covered up everything.

    Through 2007 and particularly 2008 we have seen the removal of many layers of old paper which have served to blinker our view of reality. As we entered 2009, the blinkers really began to come off and we started to realise that we, as individuals, have to take responsibility for our own lives. We can no longer rely on anyone or any institution to save us. Those who have turned to the ‘quick fix’ for their problems realised, at long last, that there cannot be a quick solution; we cannot just add another layer of wallpaper, we have to face the consequences of re-building from the foundations up.

    Taking positive action
    You know the kinds of conversations we have all had where you come up with the answer:

    ‘I know I should be doing (whatever it is)
    – but…’

    Well, the result of all of this self-work is that the answer needs to be changed to:
    ‘I know I should be doing (whatever it is)
    – so I am going to start doing it now.’

    This is what the last couple of years have been about – removing the wallpaper and seeing the cracks underneath, to help us to realise that we can no longer paper over these cracks; we have to take positive action and positive action now. We cannot wait until 2011 or even 2012. If we wait beyond 2009 to take action, we will not be able to make it as far as the end of 2011. This is what the energies for change truly mean – we need to put our own house in order, clear out old emotions and ways of dealing with the people with whom we share our lives, before we can reach our higher levels of being. And nobody is going to do it for us.

    It’s a nice thought that there are legions of ‘angels’, ET’s or even well meaning ‘orbs’ out there who are going to step in and do all of the work for us; but the reality is that, while they may be happy to show us what we need to do, it is we ourselves who need to do it, so in that sense we are on our own. This is our planet and it is our mess we need to clear up.

    There are those beings ‘out there’ who would love to come and help, but they cannot come and help until we have shown that we are capable of resolving our own problems by making our leap into full consciousness. Until we have made that leap, we are on our own. The two featured books* can help you understand where you are in this process of change and how to move forwards.

    Consciousness reintegration
    This full consciousness state is that which many have come to call ‘Ascension’ but we need to remember that we are not actually ‘ascending’ anywhere; we are staying firmly rooted on the planet. What we are supposed to be doing is bringing the ‘Higher Self’ into the physical body. In so doing, we ‘ascend’ to higher levels of consciousness and understanding. Once we have achieved that, we will be greeted by every ‘angel’ and ET in the Universe to congratulate us on a job well done.

    According to the Akashic, there are currently about two million people who have already achieved this full consciousness reintegration world-wide. The majority of these people live in tribal cultures in remote regions of the planet. They have achieved what we all set out to achieve on this amazing Earth.

    So, during 2009, the rest of us, in the ‘western world’, need to be taking the necessary steps to catch up with them. This can only be achieved by each individual taking responsibility for themselves, and not putting off ‘til tomorrow what they can do today.

    ©2009 Chris Thomas

    *Note – see also The Universal Soul [151129] and The Human Soul [171046], both by Chris Thomas.

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