Protecting Barack

Posted by Cygnus Team
17 November, 2010

How can we protect Barack Obama? The new President of the United States is symbolically of huge importance. It is crucial that he does not fall victim to the same forces that assassinated Martin Luther King, Jack Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

As spiritual people, as workers with inner energy, is there anything that we can do to help?

This is exactly the same question that we may ask when our loved ones are travelling in dangerous foreign places. At this moment in time a young friend of mine is working in Mumbai as there are riots and bombings. What can I do to keep her safe? What can I do to protect my own daughter from the cruelties and abuses of the world?

Even asking this type of question raises anxiety in me. I fear that just thinking about it may create the actual event I don’t want to happen. Energy follows thought. As a wise teacher once said: ‘Worrying – is to pray for something you do not want.’

But this leads to the first great lesson: All protective prayer work must be done from a personal space that is completely centred, confident and relaxed. If it is done with any worry, anxiety or tension, prayer work will have a negative effect, as it radiates psychic pollution and may indeed attract that which you do not want.

The second great lesson of protective work is that we must be fully connected to the love, compassion and benevolence of the universe. It is only when we are anchored securely in that benevolence that we can manage, without being overwhelmed or triggered, the suffering that happens on earth and in humanity.

These fundamental guidelines are not new. They have always been at the heart of healing and protection. We must be calm, grounded and fully connected to benevolence.

Fulfilled and Safe
From within that calm and connected space, we can then begin our work of protection. First, we can always call for help – from spirit, from angels, from spirits – and express gratitude for their presence surrounding the person we want to protect. Imagine him or her surrounded by their loving safety.

Then we can begin to contemplate, visualise and sense Barack Obama and his family living a fulfilled and graceful life. Their home, workplace and journeys are safe and secure. We see and feel them living into their senior years. We can imagine Barack with white hair, playing with his grandchildren and talking about his days in the White House.

Here in the inner worlds we are creating an energetic scenario of a long and fulfilled life. Always done with complete calm and dedication to the highest good. This ‘thoughtform’ of his fulfilled life has the potential to disarm potential aggressors who will sense that in the dreamworldtheir nasty plans cannot be fulfilled and they therefore back off.

Deeper Shadow Work
Some of us may then feel called to deeper work of protection, which can only be done if:

We are psychologically stable.
Our nervous systems are vital and strong.
We are totally connected to and soaking in the benevolence of the divine.
We have a quiet sense of courage and the will, when appropriate, to self-sacrifice.

This more profound work starts with an understanding of the complexity and interdependence of humanity’s collective karma.

Some months ago I wrote about the troubles I had as a parent with my teenage son’s difficult attitude. I was always blaming him until one day I went over the top with anger and frustration. It was in that moment of highly charged emotion that I had to take responsibility for my own feelings. Suddenly I saw how I was implicated in his teenage problems. I had a past life memory of being a smug priest blessing young men as they marched off to war.

My own violence — my own karma — was now returning to me via my son.

In some way or another — if we accept the logic of ancestors and a collective human history — we are all in some way connected to all that is good and all that is bad. So when we are protecting Barack or our own loved ones, we are protecting them from aggressors whose violent attitudes might possibly be our own responsibility. Who knows what we or our ancestors did in the past or whom we harmed? As John Bradford said in 1555 as he watched a man being taken to his execution, ‘There, but for the grace of God, go I.’

So it is possible to tune into these potential aggressors and assassins, apologise for our own part in creating their violence, and wish them healing and forgiveness.

Even more courageously, recognising our interdependence and the blessings of grace, we can offer to absorb and redeem their pain and violence. As an act of service, we can practise the classic healing meditation of breathing in their negativity, absorbing and transforming it, and breathing out a blessing towards them. If you have never done a meditation like this before then try the technique just for a few seconds at a time, backing off immediately you feel any sensations of anxiety. In this way you can gradually acclimatise yourself to this profound work of service. But — this is a serious health and safety warning — do not attempt this kind of deep healing work unless you are one hundred per cent psychologically stable, strong and connected to the love of God, because otherwise it might emotionally disturb you. Rest calm in the awareness that there are others called and able to practice this alchemy, this transmutation of tarnished stuff into gold.

So let us hold Barack and all our loved ones in our hearts, grateful for the protection of angels and spirits. Let us hold too a clear vision and sense of them living long, fulfilled and happy lives. And let us also extend that blessing to all beings.

I wish you all my love for a Blessed New Year.

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