Become a fountain of blessings

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    23 December, 2010

    Dear Friends

    Become a fountain of blessings!

    Blessing heals, uplifts, restores. As you walk down the street, enter a shop, or sit in a train, car or bus let your silent blessings descend on all – including yourself – like a gentle rain. Become a world healer through blessing.

    A person whose thought radiates the gentleness of blessing is the first beneficiary of this practice, as anyone can verify for themselves.

    Since I started the practice of blessing 20 years ago, I haven’t had a single relationship problem which has not sooner or later been healed by this practice. If we create our own reality by our way of looking at the world, and attract events according to the energy we radiate, this law truly can be called scientific, in the sense that results are a) predictable and b) anyone applying the law of blessing sincerely and with perseverance will achieve the desired results if her or his intention is clear and honest. (These are the two fundamental characteristics of the scientific method: predictability of results if the scientist follows what is called a “protocol”, i.e. a specific way of handling an experiment; and universality, i.e. anyone can reach these results, anywhere.)

    So I encourage you to be very pragmatic about this whole practice. Do not believe anything in The Gentle Art of Blessing until you have tested it for yourself! Create your own ways of blessing. There are no set formulas. My way of blessing has changed over the years. At the present moment, when I bless people in the street, on the bus, anywhere, I say in my heart: “Namaste! I love you, I bless you in your divine perfection and total happiness.” (“Namaste” is a Sanskrit expression one can translate as: I acknowledge the divine in you). I try and really feel the love, and this forces me to look beyond the physical appearance, which is not always very inviting, to the hidden, harmonious perfect spiritual reality behind.

    With love, Pierre


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