Portals of the Universe

Posted by Diana Cooper
24 December, 2010

Portals are special places where the energy is higher and where we (and the angels) can access teachings, energies and light. Once in a portal you can easily be transported into higher energies for transformation. There are also beings who can access Earth directly, without using a portal, like the Pleiadeans who come to Earth to radiate healing to us.

Light containing spiritual information and knowledge radiates from certain stars and planets through twelve portals into Hollow Earth. Here it alters the blueprint of Earth in the highest possible way. Then Lady Gaia takes the amended blueprint and spreads its higher energy throughout the planet. This has an affect on us all.

Agata, Northern Russia
One of the most important, powerful and influential cosmic portals is opening at Agata, Northern Russia around 2012. It links to the Pleiades.

Kundalini is the essential life force of a plant. It holds all the information and energy needed for its growth and when it is ignited the plant starts to shoot up. The conditions in which a flower is planted, soil, shelter, sun, rain and the tender care it receives clearly affect its vitality. It is exactly the same for a person. When the time and conditions are right, our kundalini rises and we start to wake up and expand spiritually. All stars and planets follow the same system and when the planetary kundalini of Earth is ignited in 2012 we will all see rapid spiritual growth.

At the fall of Atlantis the kundalini of the planet was masculine and was held in the Gobi Desert by Sanat Kumara. It contained the low frequency energy of later Atlantis and this needs healing so that the planet can rise to ascension from 2012 onwards.

In 2008, Mayan shamans moved the kundalini to Guatemala where it has become a feminine energy, bringing balance to the planetary life force. However, the Atlantean aspect of the kundalini still needs healing. In their efforts to do this the Pleiadeans access the Atlantean energy in Hollow Earth through the portal at Agata, Northern Russia.

Now that the kundalini has moved from masculine to feminine and been taken to Guatemala, the Earth Star Chakras of everyone on the planet are coming into balance. The masculine force of the planet is relaxing and is being bathed in peace and healing. It is now changing from that of the fighting warrior to that of the peaceful warrior who works for the highest good with wisdom, while shielding the weak, poor and vulnerable.

The masculine force is starting to help people on Earth to take the highest possible decisions and is bringing back the knowledge necessary for the planet to transform into harmonious co-existence with nature, animals and the whole of humanity. It is protective by being peaceful, strong, courageous and divinely guided.

The Key of Agata is to balance the masculine and feminine energy to bring about harmonious co-existence.

The Sound is that of a low soft gong rippling out into silence.
The Colour is Pleiadean blue.

Exercise: Visualization to heal and balance your kundalini

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
2. Light a candle if possible.
3. Relax and close your eyes.
4. Ground yourself by imagining roots going from you deep into the earth.
5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue protective cloak around you.
6. Visualize yourself as a plant and take your roots into the soil, into your Earth Star chakra. How tall are you? What are your leaves like?
7. Now you wish to grow taller, so your roots must go deeper. Take them deep, deep into Hollow Earth.
8. Feel the warm sun and refreshing rain on you and watch or sense yourself grow.
9. Your roots are now receiving all that they need. Sense yourself growing up to Source now. How does this feel?
10. Separate yourself from the plant but still feel your roots are deep in the earth and your head in the heavens.
11. Ask the Pleiadean healers to heal and balance your ancient karma. Trust that this is being done. Thank them when they have finished.
12. When you are ready open your eyes, knowing that you have balanced your kundalini and have helped the planet to balance its kundalini too.

Exercise: To be a peaceful warrior

Whether you are a man or a woman practise being a peaceful warrior today and help everyone co-exist in harmony.

Examples: If your children are quarrelling or you are with people who are arguing, instead of shouting, stay strong, centred and peaceful so that they feel your energy and calm down. If you are with those who are turbulent and anarchistic, calmly hold your vision of peace and a higher outcome, then see how this affects their mood.

From The Keys to the Universe, ©2010 by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, published by Findhorn.

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