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An Update on Consciousness Change

27 December, 2011 Vicky 0

Since my article ‘Consciousness Change’ was published in Cygnus Magazine last February, I have received numerous requests for an update. The end of October proved to be a time when all of the planned for […]

Soul Re-Integration – The Process Begins

27 December, 2011 Vicky 0

New Energies Humanity is primed to undergo the greatest shift in consciousness that has ever been seen in the history of our Universe. Seven thousand years of human history  – ‘The Human Plan’  – is […]

Lighting the Flame of a New Year

24 December, 2011 Vicky 0

The month of January is very deceptive: Winter may seem to drag on with its leafless trees and gloomy skies, yet, as our Celtic ancestors knew, it is actually a threshold into new light, new […]

2012: The End of an Era

24 December, 2011 Vicky 0

So… 2012 is with us at last. For some of you, it’s just another year, but for others – of whom I am one – this date has been writ large on our consciousness for […]

Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry

24 December, 2011 Vicky 0

The ‘scientific worldview’ is immensely influential because the sciences have been so successful. Their achievements touch all our lives through technologies and through modern medicine. Our intellectual world has been transformed through an immense expansion […]

A Community of the Heart

24 December, 2011 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, In the last weeks my heart has been moved by the death of two friends, who were also well known to Cygnus readers. You will, I am sure, want to join me in […]

Welcome to 2012!

24 December, 2011 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, Welcome to 2012, our entrance into a period of unprecedented transformation and growth for humanity, in which we can all play a major role, simply by being our truest selves and doing what […]

A Pact with a Staircase

20 December, 2011 Vicky 0

Twenty years ago I made an agreement with the staircase in my hermitage – that I would always pay attention when I walked on it – and since then I’ve never failed to go up […]

You Are the Gift!

7 December, 2011 Vicky 0

I was browsing through William Bloom’s The Power of Modern Spirituality when I noticed this lovely exercise, which is just part of our Advent gift to you on 7th December. What occurred to me as […]

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