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Consciousness Change

25 January, 2011 Vicky 0

There is a point at which all of the changes that have been spoken of in the last few years come about. As we moved into November 2010, all of the long awaited shifts in […]

Brigid – A Vision of Hope

25 January, 2011 Vicky 0

Lately I have been thinking of Brigid, known throughout Britain in Druidic times as the Divine Woman, although her worship predates the Druids by a vast stretch of centuries. She is particularly associated with this […]

Clearing Up a Misunderstanding

25 January, 2011 Vicky 0

There is a widespread New Age belief that our thoughts create our diseases, i.e.that we are responsible for everything that happens to us. It is said by some that ‘resentment causes cancer, oppression is something […]

Creating Health and Well-Being

25 January, 2011 Vicky 0

One of my favourite stories about talking to the body is about a Norwegian storyteller who had hepatitis B for 25 years. Then she heard that liver cells only live for about twelve months, so […]

The Mother of Invention

25 January, 2011 Vicky 0

They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ but they’re wrong. Barbara Marx Hubbard is. And you are. And we all are. We are each inventing ourselves, and the life we are living, in […]

Be Love Now

25 January, 2011 Vicky 0

Imagine feeling more love from someone than you have ever known. You’re being loved even more than your mother loved you when you were an infant, more than you were ever loved by your father, […]

Spreading the Light of Angels

19 January, 2011 Vicky 0

We are living at such an extraordinary time of spiritual growth that the angels and Masters want more people to learn about the help and guidance they offer. The impulse for setting up the Diana […]