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Spreading the Light of Angels

We are living at such an extraordinary time of spiritual growth that the angels and Masters want more people to learn about the help and guidance they offer. The impulse for setting up the Diana Cooper School came when they asked Diana to spread their light and teachings to those who are ready to ride the current wave of opportunity to ascension, by training people to run courses.
The School is constantly growing and expanding and we now have over 600 teachers throughout the world. We meet in a different part of the world each year for a conference and reunion. During one Master Teachers’ reunion in Findhorn, we were meditating together on a rock in the river where Archangel Gabriel has his retreat. Mother Mary appeared in our circle and gave Diana a pink rose with a golden heart. Mary told Diana the School had earned the right for her rose to be our logo and that she was now overlighting our work.Since then we have been very blessed that Archangel Metatron and Master Melchizidek have joined Mary in overlighting the School. They can be felt at our meetings and their Orbs are often captured shining light onto us.Our collective energy
We are asked by the spiritual realms to undertake special tasks because of the light we carry as a School. One was to clear the ice from Neptune which held the fear from the fall of Atlantis. This was blocking the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria from reaching Earth. This was a very important piece of light work and many Cygnus readers also participated in the meditations to dissolve the ice.

In addition we all travel in our sleep to specific destinations at each new moon. Here we all receive instruction and help in the inner planes, for example in November we all travelled in our spirit bodies to the Mayan pyramid in Guatemala to link with Venus and the cosmic heart, where our collective energy was used to help open other people to this fifth dimensional vibration.

Activating your gifts
As a Master Teacher with the School I recognise the importance of the many exercises and visualisations we teach. In particular I would like to share with you two key exercises which I used to speed my recovery after major surgery.

As I lay in my hospital bed, I concentrated on strengthening my energy. I used a shortened version of the 12 Chakra Exercises (explained in detail in Diana’s book, 2012 and Beyond [190902]) to help me rebalance my energy centres, to ground my energy and heal my body after the traumatic surgery. It made a huge difference to how I felt.

The 12 Chakras Exercises are an integral part of our Teacher Training Courses and an invaluable tool for helping us to ground and work with the higher energy which is coming to the planet and to activate the great psychic and spiritual gifts which lie dormant within our DNA.

You, too, can work on the twelve chakras by mentally focusing on each chakra in turn, (starting with the Earth Star), the colour at the fifth dimension and the appropriate Archangel, asking for the chakra to be opened, aligned and energised. This can be done with your eyes open, walking in nature, as a passenger in a car, plane or train, as well as sitting quietly or lying down as I did in hospital.

Become aware of your chakras working together in perfect harmony, thank all the mighty Archangels, bring your attention to your aura and bring it back to an appropriate level for you. Protect your aura with white light around it, with Archangel Michael’s protective blue cloak, Archangel Metatron’s golden cloak or a form of protection that works well with you.The Gold and Silver Violet Flame
The second amazing tool I used specifically to heal my body was the Gold and Silver Violet flame. This helped me clear the anaesthetic from my body, and heal myself on every level.

You can use it to heal, to transmute anger, fear or negativity and raise the energy, to send it to the Earth to heal, to purify and bring peace and to clear physical blocks from the body.

You can also work with the Gold and Silver Violet Flame as an affirmation by using Archangel Michael’s cloak of protection, then saying:

I am the Gold and Silver Violet Flame
I am the Flame of Mercy
I am the Flame of Joy
I am the Flame of Transmutation
I am St Germain
I am Archangel Zadkiel

Gold brings the wisdom and love of angels, silver brings grace and harmony, and violet is the colour of transmutation. Together they will transmute lower energy and raise your vibration to the fifth dimension.

The 2011 cosmic moment
This year our reunion is scheduled for Egypt. The ascended master Serapis Bey asked us to hold a ceremony in the Luxor Temple on 11.11.11 at 11:11, and this has generated a wave of excitement.

In preparation for 2012 there is a cosmic moment at 11:11 on 11 November 2011: an instant in time when the entire Universe is silent and the portals of heaven open, allowing pure Source energy to flow into the planet. Unimaginable things, including miracles, can take place. It is important that everyone connects with their own divine intuition and finds the perfect spiritual place to receive this amazing spiritual energy. Archangel Metatron will join with all wise beings at this time. Our school has special access to the Luxor Temple to prepare for this extraordinary cosmic moment, and we feel privileged to have this opportunity which has been orchestrated by the spiritual realms.We are passionate about what we do and hope that you feel motivated to work with us toward our vision, which is to empower others to spread the light of angels, ascension and the sacred mysteries of the universe.

With love and Angel blessings,
Jillian Stott, Principal Teacher with the Diana Cooper School

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