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Reclaiming Your Magic

Have you ever wanted magic to be real? I mean truly real? For there to be a force of nature which could transform your life into something amazing? It exists. It took me a lifetime to accept the magic into my life, and now it is part of me I have no choice but to pass that knowledge on. That is part of the deal with true magic. It must be shared.My name is Ursula James and I hypnotise people for a living. I am a successful therapist – good at what I do and well respected for it. I breathe the same air that you do. I live on your world, but not in it. I am successful, not just in my career, but in my life too. I had a good teacher, although for my first thirteen years I did not pay attention to her, and it took another twenty years before I was prepared to listen again. By then I had undergone my own learning and was ready to hear and understand her words.

Mother Shipton was my teacher, my healer, my guide. She would come to me in sleep and in dreams, but it was only when I learned to hypnotise myself that she came through to me fully formed and separate from my own inner voice. I can tell you now that was a very strange day. I was in hypnosis, preparing myself for the day, when she started to talk. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard her before, because she had always been with me. It was more that I had tuned her out of my thoughts. When we are children we are open to the voices. We are open to the impressions of the air around us. We use our senses fully until we are taught not to. As we grow up, we stop listening and close our senses to the world around us.

The Source of your power

THE SOURCE Ursula James
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You may think me odd, but The Source is not about your thoughts. I care for your feelings – your needs. Just as Mother Shipton did – just as she still does. It is through me that her story will be told, and you will start to hear her voice again – if you are open to the magic around you. The magic of the earth. True, deep magic. That which lies in the belly of everyone. This why I am writing to you now, to tell you how you can reclaim your magic. I can see into your hearts just as Mother did. You want your power. You want magic to be real – it is just that for now part of you is afraid. Afraid to connect. Afraid to plug into your Source. Maybe even afraid of yourself. There is no need to fear anymore. You are not alone. I have connected to the Source and I know that there is nothing to fear when you do. You can and will be free. Through my voice, Mother will teach you. Mother is with you. I am with you.

The simple steps and paths which you will discover in these pages will lead you to the Source of your power and help you to harness it. Believe me now as I stand within the Source, you will know when you have connected to the Source, and the power will never leave you when you have brought it back within you. For there is your first lesson – the Source is within you, and without you it dies. First you must recognise its existence, find it within you, then nurture and strengthen it. Only then can you start to use it, and when you do you will be free. Free from the chains of commerce that you believe bind you. Free to give and receive love, to heal the world around you, and to make things happen around you. That is true magic, to take the clay of your life and model it in your hands. Above all you will have the strength in mind and body to share the Source with others. It is not an easy journey, but I can tell you that it is worthwhile.

What if, instead of money, magic came into your life? The power to create a new life for yourself. What would be different then? From personal experience I can tell you that not everyone is ready to acknowledge even the existence of magic, let alone to realise its potential to transform lives. But let’s just suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend you were prepared to become magical. What would happen? Well, first of all you would no longer be able to fool yourself into believing that there is only one version of reality – one way of doing things. You would have to take responsibility for your mistakes, your actions and start to believe in yourself and to take care of yourself better. This having been said, once you can do these things you can become a truly magical creature. The sort of person who makes wonderful things happen. I know. I can do this. Magic is beautiful and creative, and it is the remarkable people who walk around this earth today who do magic. These are the magnetic people, the ones you want to be around. The more of us that get involved, the more wonderful our lives become. I know what you are thinking – you want to believe, but you don’t dare. You may even be afraid that people will laugh at you. This is because you live in a rational, logical world, and you have sneaking feeling that magic is for weird people, not for successful ones. You are wrong – and I will prove it to you.

Creating magical change
I wrote The Source for two reasons. First, I had no choice – Mother Shipton made me! Second, because I have a gift. One which allows me to enter freely the landscape of my inner self. Maybe Mother guided me towards that too. I am not so sure about that. Either way, it was my way into being able to listen to Mother – the gift is the use of genuine trance – the real McCoy. I will show you how to control it to access your magical self, and, just as important, believe in your own potential to create magical change within and around you. By using the trance state properly you are not just going through the motions, you are connecting with your inner self in a way that will truly astound you. Entrance, entrance – one meaning the passageway from one space to another, and the other meaning to fill with wonder – to enchant. One word, two meanings, and in this context both meanings meet together at the doorway to your mind. For me, I use hypnosis to enter trance in a safe and controlled way. It is the doorway to my dreams. There is nothing to fear here. There are many pathways through our memories, and I will guide you through them in a way which will only enhance your life. You will be completely in control when you do this, and that control will increase as you practice mind magic.

True magic requires rites and rituals; the rites are real and are events in your daily life, the rituals are symbols of change and are meant to punctuate the rites. One before, and one after each rite. Nothing in The Source is impossible or time-consuming – you can and you will do the things which will carry you to the Source only if you choose to. Remember most things in life are a choice. It is just that some of us choose not to see the alternatives.

And so, here is where your story begins.From The Source, ©2011 by Ursula James, published by Preface Publishing.

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