The Blueprint for Healing

Posted by Cygnus Team
1 March, 2011

My wife, Tracy, had been seriously ill for 12 years with clinical depression. Throughout that time, we searched unceasingly for a solution to her problem. But absolutely nothing yielded the answers we were looking for.

Then I went to Los Angeles for a seminar on alternative methods of psychology. I was in the airport waiting to board my plane home when my cell phone rang, and when I picked it up I heard the word ‘Hi’. As soon as I heard it, chills ran all over my body. Tracey was severly depressed. She was weeping and said that our son, Harry (who was six), did not understand her being sick in this kind of way. If I had been home I could have knocked out her symptoms with some techniques I knew. However, I was powerless to help her from three thousand miles away. I talked and prayed with her until the stewardess made me turn my phone off. I then started doing what I had done every single day for the previous twelve years – I prayed for Tracey.What happened next is the reason I am writing this. The best way I can put it is: God downloaded into my mind and heart what we now call The Healing Code.

Don’t misunderstand me …there were no angels outside the window of the 737. There was no fog or mist rolling down the fuselage. I heard no heavenly music playing. But what I experienced was so different from anything I had ever been a part of before that I knew it was an answer to those twelve years of daily prayer. I saw the answer in my mind’s eye like I have many, many other ideas before – yet it was not the same. You know what I’m talking about if you have ever thought of something and said, “What a great idea!” Well, that’s what this was like, only it was like having someone else’s great idea deposited into my head. It was like watching it on TV. It was in my mind but it was no of me. I was “reading” a blueprint of a healing system I had never studied.The revelation was of a physical mechanism in the body that would heal a spiritual issue – wrong beliefs. I was shown a system that explained how to counteract the true source of all life’s issues by doing simple exercises that involved using hands. So … I wrote it all down, and wrote it down, and wrote it down some more. I wrote until my hand was cramping and I literally said out loud (I remember because I looked around embarrassed that someone might have heard my), “God, you’re either going to have to slow down or remind me of this; I can’t write that fast!”

When I got home, following this God-given blueprint eliminated the problem that had dominated my life for more than a decade. In 45 minutes, my wife’s clinical depression was gone. As I write this it’s now more than eight years later, and Tracey has never taken another medication and feels great every day. Yes Tracey’s depression came back after than initial 45 minutes, but within three weeks of doing “The Healing Codes” daily her depression was gone for good. After the years we had been through, painfully searching for something- anything- that would bring normality and peace to our life, I don’t know the words to describe the joy and exhilaration this brought to me, my wife and my sons (we now have two). In fact, in 2006 Tracey legally changed her name to Hope. After all the depressed years when she felt hopeless, she no longer felt like the same person. She was now Hope.

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