The Magical World of Tara and the Talking Kitten

Posted by Cygnus Team
23 March, 2011
For many years I have passionately wanted to find a way to enable children to feel happier, more confident and empowered. And I kept wondering how I could introduce them to the spiritual realms of fairies, angels and unicorns to enrich their lives. Then one day I was walking through my local woods when the idea of the first Tara and Ash-ting the Talking Kitten story fell into my head. I raced home and wrote The Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking Kitten.Seven year old Tara finds life difficult. She can’t make friends at school, quarrels constantly with her brother and sister and doesn’t know how to talk to her parents about things that are bothering her. She feels that no one understands her and often says the wrong thing.
All that changes when Ash-ting, an adorable grey kitten, enters her life. Tara and Ash-ting have a secret that no one else in the world knows about. They can talk to each other, and the wise loving kitten helps her to turn her life around. He also introduces her to the angels, fairies and the elemental kingdoms.This is the essence of the series of Tara and the Talking Kitten children’s books, which are now being published.In the presence of angels
So many kids sense the presence of angels and elementals but don’t know what it is they are feeling and this adds to their confusion or tension. Even in these more enlightened times many adults deny what little ones sense or see and call it imagination.Certain themes run through the series; bringing families and communities together, dealing with feelings, speaking up for yourself, helping other people, understanding other cultures, empowering children and connecting with the angels, unicorns and elemental kingdoms. In addition, Ash-ting the magical talking kitten always finds an ingenious way to resolve challenges and situations.

Many children who feel lonely, misunderstood or confused are open to listen to the wise, loving words of a kitten that they would not hear from an adult. Nowadays I say to my grandchildren, ‘What do you think Ash-ting would say?’ And rather to my astonishment they share their toys, take turns, say sorry or do the nice thing!

I didn’t want to write sweet, fluffy stories for children so these books embrace the issues of our times in a way children can understand and relate to. In the Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking Kitten Dad fears he may lose his job, while Rosy in her class is unhappy because her parents have split up. With the guidance of her kitten, Tara is able to help them.

There are two stories in the second book of the series, Tara and the Talking Kitten meet Angels and Fairies. Uncle Steve visits the family and Ash-ting persuades Tara to handle difficult situations and unwelcome attention by speaking to an adult. She also meets her angel and finds out how they can help her and other people. She learns the hard way what the angels will and will not do for her!

The second story in this book is my personal favourite where Tara and Ash-ting meet the elementals. A beautiful old oak tree is to be cut down and the wise kitten as usual finds a unique and inventive way to save it in which Tara and the elementals must work together to carry out his plan.All the Tara and her Talking Kitten stories empower and inform children and are entertaining. I was delighted when I read them to my eight and five year old grandchildren. Five year old Finn didn’t want to listen and was playing a noisy game of his own at the other end of the room while I read to Isabel. After a few moments he stopped what he was doing, became totally silent and listened right to the end. Next night they both asked for more Tara and Ash-ting stories. I have already written the next two books which are due to be published in September about Tara, the Talking Kitten and the Unicorn and Tara, the Talking Kitten and the Mermaids as well another twelve shorter stories! I have so much enjoyed writing them that I couldn’t stop and have now had to switch the tap firmly off in my head so that I can get on with other work!I believe empowered children can make a difference. They are teaching me all the time. It was my eight year old granddaughter who suggested that in my morning meditation and healing we place the person or place we are sending healing to in front of us and bring the angel energy down over them with our hands, which is much more interesting for children as it is active. She also insisted I must have an additional candle dedicated to the animals. She asked me to invoke the Gold Ray of Christ and the angel of animals to touch all the animals we know, including my son’s two hens and her guinea pigs, as well as endangered species and the spirits of those who are extinct. I feel humbled and awed when I think about the children of today.

I am planning a children’s section to my website to be ready for September when the next two Tara and the Talking Kitten books are published. The aim is to give children a safe space where they can learn, have fun and connect with the angels, unicorns and elementals. The site will be up by September when the next two Tara books are published. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to contribute short stories, games, crosswords etc. to this section to

Let’s awaken and empower all children everywhere.
With love, Diana

Diana is author of 19 adult and 2 children’s books and is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School a not for profit organisation that trains spiritual teachers worldwide

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