Evolution of the Archangels

Posted by Judy Hall
10 May, 2011

Stones often speak to me – they speak to everyone but few people notice. When I picked up a piece of Lilac Celestite and a voice said it was a stone of Archangel Zadkiel, I wasn’t surprised. For me, ‘speaking’ takes the form of inner knowing, but this was different. This voice came from over my shoulder. Turning around, I saw a huge amethyst form, who said, ‘I’m Zadkiel and we want you to run workshops on crystals and archangels.’ Now that was a surprise! While knowing a great deal about crystal connections, I knew little about Archangels.

Zadkiel said, ‘We need to harmonise the new vibrations that are coming in. And we want you to explore the journey from polarity to oneness.’ As this was something I was working on, I acquiesced. Fortunately Jacqui Malone, who’s been intimately acquainted with Archangels and their crystal connections for over thirty years, agreed to work with me.

We knew we had to start with Michael and Atrugiel. One of the ‘newer’ Archangels, Atrugiel is a spiritual guardian who has the same purpose as Michael but whose energy is somewhat different and so augments Michael. (It’s like the difference between Mars and Pluto in astrology: one is a higher octave of the other, there are similarities but both planets have their own individual qualities.) We knew that Michael and Atrugiel invoke protection and enhance energy in preparation for raising personal and planetary vibrations and that working with Zadkiel would create a purified soul through karmic clearing and transmutation, so that we could discover our life and soul purpose.

Ascending frequency

We found that archangelic energy is changing dramatically. These are intensely powerful and purposeful beings. Atrugiel is coming in to fill the energetic ‘gap’ left by Michael’s ascending frequency. With the planet changing vibration, angelic consciousness is part of that process as much as human awareness. Michael has been elevated to a higher vibration, with cosmic work to do, and Atrugiel is performing much of the service that Michael’s old vibration gave to earth. So where you would once have called upon Michael, Atrugiel might now be more appropriate in ‘everyday’ situations. Try it and see! Although, of course, if you continue to connect with the ‘old’ Michael vibration that’ll still work for you.

So how can this ‘new’ archangel help us? Well, if you experience psychic attack, opposition or obstacles, or need to cut ties with the past, or find a means of reconciliation, rather than engage directly with it or call on Michael, try giving it to Atrugiel. This is true of conflict in the inner or outer world, the personal or the bigger picture. He is particularly helpful if the ‘attack’ is subtle, out of jealousy for example. Atrugiel helps you stand in your power and stand up for yourself. But he also acts like a mirror for both sides to see what is really going on. When Atrugiel is called in, he’s like a rock: nothing is going to shift him until the task is done. He doesn’t do it for you, though, and he doesn’t battle, he simply says ‘resolve this, heal whatever’s been left unhealed from the past that’s creating this and move on.’ He’s a great protector but he’s also an effective creator and motivator – and the Archangel to call on if you want to reclaim your power. Garnet and Shungite were perfect crystals for him.

Mind you, we didn’t ‘call’ this Archangel in. He made his presence felt from the first. He has young, fresh, enthusiastic energy that rushes out to meet the world head-on, combined with an ancient knowing. Atrugiel has a great sense of humour too and a way of making you notice him – finding yourself in a red and black car sandwich and or next to a moving wall of red double-decker buses being two of his favourite signals that he’s around.

We also met the ‘feminine complements’ of these two great spiritual warriors. Two pairs who intimately interact, rather like yin and yang, but harmoniously rather than as polar opposites, as they meld, flow into each other and emerge. These peaceful ‘feminine complements’ have a gentle, receptive energy that is quietly powerful, full of joy and inner strength. Michael’s ‘complement’ is closer to the earth’s present frequency and Atrugiel’s ‘complement’ is at a higher vibration, so energy is mediated in all directions. But ultimately they are units that are part of a much larger whole – the oneness that Zadkiel spoke of.

In our first workshop the Archangels asked that we each take responsibility for our own unique part in the planetary and personal shift. Saying that it is only by doing our own inner work and purifying our own individual soul that a collective shift can be made. It is clear that, just as there is no one right way to work with a specific crystal, a wide variety of responses to archangelic energy are open to us all.

Meeting Atrugiel

Hold a Garnet that has been cleansed under running water. Close your eyes and breathe gently, focusing your attention on your third eye. Feel the connection between the Garnet in your hand and your third eye as it opens. (You’ll probably feel energy running up your arm, if you don’t, try changing hands.) You may well feel the energy points behind your ears and at the base of your skull tingling and opening as well.

Invite Archangel Atrugiel to be with you and to make his presence known in the most appropriate way for you and to anchor that presence in your crystal. Ask for his presence to accompany you whenever you walk in dark places or need to move forward with certainty in your life.
When you have finished, put your Garnet down, disconnecting the energy so that your third eye closes.

Whenever you need assistance, picture the Garnet in your mind’s eye or touch the crystal and call Atrugiel. Have confidence that the issue will be resolved in the best possible way for the highest good of all concerned.

To reclaim your power: put your Garnet over your dantien (just below your navel and above the sacral chakra). Call in Atrugiel and state out loud that you call your power back from whomever, wherever and whatever time-frame you lost it, gave it away, had it stolen or in any other way were dis-empowered. Breathe deeply, pulling the breath deep into your belly. Feel the Garnet transferring the power back into your dantien. Vow to remain empowered.

© 2011 Judy Hall

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