Exploring the Akashic Records

Posted by Shirley MacLaine
5 May, 2011

The universe itself has memory. It records and remembers everything that ever happened and is equipped with a dimension of consciousness that stores these memories, a dimension that is sometimes called the Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘primarily substance, that out of which all things are formed.’ It is the crystallization of spirit. It is so sensitive that the slightest vibration anywhere in the universe (any thought or action) registers an indelible impression upon it. In modern times it is the Book of Life.

Since each of us has a soul and a vibrational frequency, our thoughts and actions are equipped to be recorded in the Akashic Records, and those records can be accessed any time if we know how. Past-life therapy sessions enable us to access our Akashic Records. But the privacy of the Akashic Records of others is protected by veils of separation so they can’t be used for any reason. When an adept or spiritual master has reached the level of universal trust, it is possible to read the records of others. A psychic is allowed to read the Akashic Records of a client because the energy and frequency of the client permits it. When we open the Akashic Records for our own perusal, we enter a mind state of universal oneness with the Divine.

I have felt this state when I do my past life therapy sessions. I’m never judgmental of myself or anyone else who has figured in my past when I touch the Records. I’m in a divine illumination which enables me to understand more clearly what my life has been about. My purpose becomes clear, as has the road to understanding it. When I’m touching that divine knowledge, I am in a universal state of consciousness. I’ve found that the knowledge of who I am and who I have been is given to me at a manageable rate. It may be overwhelming at first, but is then met with a sense of relief. ‘Oh, that is what that was all about.’

A soul-level blueprint
I’m told by the Dalai Lama that the Records are governed and protected by a group of nonphysical light beings called the Lords of the Records. When we access them, we are able to see the events and lessons of past incarnations. So the Akashic records are the soul-level blueprint and the catalogue of experiences of an individual soul as it becomes aware of his or her spiritual journey through time.

The Akashic Records are proof to me that all time is occurring at once. Because when they are accessed, they are not linear. And there is Akashic information about the probabilities in the future for each soul, depending on their free will. All souls exist in perfection as part of the light of the Creator.

The Records enable us to interact with our spiritual resource and gain insight and guidance and understanding of what we are doing with Earth time and space. This is why I’ve always been so interested in mystics and people who seem to operate with another reality, which I know is as real as that which is accepted. That was why I travelled so much and tried to learn about other cultures and points of view.

Travelling within
As I am ageing now, I am more interested in travelling within. It is a never-ending journey full of different time zones and physical colour. I moved to New Mexico because it is close to the ancient shamanistic traditions of understanding other dimensional realities. When I visit Chaco Canyon, I enter the realm of my own Akashic Records and know that I lived there long ago.

This has happened to me all over the world, from Peru to Russia, to China, to Israel, and elsewhere. I believe I have lived in each country I have travelled to. In fact, the purpose of my travels was probably to go home for a while.

My interest in the unseen realities of life is an act of going home too. That is why I never get bored. Life itself is what lies within. Each one of our times this time around has a vibrational frequency to it. So when we attempt to access the Records we need to say our name – or the name we go by. It’s like having a cosmic internet of information where each one of us can access information.

This is how I do it.
I sit quietly in a chair with my bare feet planted on the ground of the floor. I make sure nothing is crossed, not arms, not legs, nothing. I sit up with a straight back and think of nothing. In this world it is easier said than done. If I say my name softly to myself and in my mind’s eye over and over, I soon can achieve a kind of nothingness. Then I ask my Higher Self to access my Records for me in relation to the question I want an answer to. The Records usually only give me answers to my questions, nothing more.

Possibility, probability and eventuality
Sometimes I get past, present, and even future answers because the Records encompass all three and even more. There are future possibilities in the answers, as well as probabilities and even eventualities. You can use your Records for all kinds of purposes: family matters, business growth, creative ideas in art and music, and of course, problem solving with another person. There are some simple rules to observe to get better results.

Don’t begin a question with ‘when’ because time as we know it does not exist in the Records. The Records are not bound by Earth time or space. So when you ask when will you get married and have children, the answer would probably be ‘when you find love’ or something like that, unrelated to when.

It is best not to ask yes or no questions. They also are too limiting. The best questions are those that revolve around what, why, or how. It is not possible for negative or dark forces to influence the answers because all of the answers are protected by light, as are the Record Keepers, in order to preserve the integrity and purity of the Records.

I always hear the answers because I am more clairaudient than clairvoyant. I can be involved with any kind of activity (even driving along the freeway) and ask a question that I will receive an answer about. Sometimes what I hear is funny, sometimes quite serious, and oftentimes I think I’m hearing myself talk back to me. It stands to reason that the voice I hear is like my own because the information is being filtered through my Higher Self.

I don’t see energy fields and the like, I feel them. When I meet new people I sense them in a way that tells me I do or don’t want to be around them. And when my friends ask me to comment on something going on in their lives, I fall into a kind of connected trance and usually whatever I say makes sense. At this stage of my life I’m so happy and at peace living alone so that I can explore the ‘inner otherness’ of what it means to be alive.

When I meditate on the reality that the Akashic Records include all life in the universe, that they are not just records of human energy, but of energies from all over the cosmos, it is mind blasting!

From I’m Over All That, © 2011 by Shirley MacLaine, published by Simon and Schuster.

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