Healing ideas, win a Gill Edwards CD, and a Thank You from Ann & Geoff

Posted by Cygnus Team
10 May, 2011

All the articles from our latest magazine are online now, and if you’d like to read or comment on any of them, you’ll find links below.

All about healing
As you may already have realized, our May issue focuses specially on healing, and as well as some really powerful self-help books such as: Mindfulness-Based Cancer RecoveryAnatomy of an Illness and Healing through the Akashic Records, we also have some products aimed especially at therapists. These include: A Guide to Starting Your Own Complementary Therapy PracticeThe Complementary Therapist’s Guide to Conventional Medicine, and Meditation and Psychotherapy: A Professional Training Course for Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice(CDs).

How you can help
It is our hope that this particular issue will find its way into the hands of as many people as possible who are on a quest either to give or receive healing.  So if you know anyone who is either seeking healing or helping others to heal, we’d really appreciate it if you’d tell them about this issue, and about Cygnus in general. You could, for instance:

1. Leave your copy of the Cygnus Review in a therapist’s or doctor’s waiting room once you have read it.

2. Ask your therapist or GP if they’d like to have the Cygnus Review regularly for their patients to read and let us know their details.

3. Request extra copies of the Cygnus Review for you to pass on to friends in need (we can also send you several copies regularly if you ask us to)

4. Ask your therapist if she’d like to have regular multiple copies of the Cygnus Review to give to patients.

5. If you are a therapist, you could ask your umbrella organisation to get in touch with us if they’d like to have a batch of reviews to send to their members.

And no doubt you will have lots of other ideas too!

Win a Gill Edwards CD
If you’d like to post a comment on how Cygnus has helped you, or how you think the Cygnus Review can help others, or an idea for making the Cygnus Review more widely known, just click here. On 19th May we’ll be giving a copy of Gill Edwards’Your Future Self CD to the authors of the 8 best comments. Your Future Self is my current favourite meditation! As I soak away the day’s cares in a healing bath laced with magnesium chloride from the Dead Sea, and a few drops of uplifting essential oil, it is doing me so much good to be able to listen to this extraordinarily helpful guided meditation, that shows me how to resonate with my future (whole, healed and happy) self at an energy level, so that I can attract and create it.

Join us at a talk about Heart Coherence
A very long time ago, Geoff and I heard a prediction that, in the future, people would rediscover how to turn the heart into a ‘voluntary muscle’. Well, it seems that time has come! On Monday 16 May 2011Howard Martin will be giving a talk at Alternativesabout the heart, revealing new scientific insights into how it communicates with the rest of the body and mind, and how, via the heart, we can bring the whole body-mind into a state of ‘coherence’. He will also show how this can enhance our intuition, health, performance and wellbeing, and how we can use the state of heart-coherence to enhance our ability to affect planetary consciousness through energetic intentions. Cygnus will have a stand at the talk, so we look forward to meeting you there! For more info, visit alternatives.org.uk.

A huge and heartfelt thank you
This message is for all those who have been so kind as to comment on the things Geoff and I have written recently. You know, we appreciate your feedback so very, very much! No one can give – no matter how much they want to – unless there is someone who is willing and able to receive. So it moves Geoff and me greatly to know that, when we try to share the little treasures we find on our path, there are others out there who want them! Your words help, too, to throw more light on what we are learning, and to inspire us to discover and write more. ‘Love has to impart itself. It is the reason for its existence’. This saying has been engraved on our hearts since we first heard it many years ago, and it seems right to share it with you today. Thank you for letting us know, in so many ways, that when we seek to impart the love that arises within our hearts, it does indeed find a resting place in the hearts of others.

With our love, Ann, Geoff and the Cygnus Team

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