What can you learn from the animals in your life?

    Posted by Madeleine Walker
    21 June, 2011

    Firstly, thank you so much for reading my article. I have been so compelled and on a mission to get the animals’ messages ‘out there’ to you. The beauty of the willingness of the animal kingdom to guide us is that you don’t have to trek to the four corners of the globe to meet and connect with them, you can do it anywhere! You just have to come from a place of love and a willingness to listen!

    The message from the beautiful humpback Gina was that we are all vital components of the whole. It is our duty to be all that we are so that we can overcome our dis-empowerment. As Mandla the great white lion says – ‘We must be Lion Hearted in our endeavours!’

    Lack of self-belief seems to be almost endemic in the human psyche and the animals that I work with on a daily basis  – cats, dogs and horses – all seem to want to re-empower us. We can learn so much from them about unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. We have to open our hearts and minds not only to the possibility that we can all communicate with any living thing, but also with ourselves – every cell has a voice and a memory.

    The wonder of the animals is that they re-awaken the ability within us to also communicate with ourselves. We can be so cluttered in our minds with worries of mortgages, bills, relationships, media pressure etc…. etc… The animals have a much clearer pathway to universal wisdom and the divine source of all that is – we need to tune into their ‘hot line’! So we need to sit quietly in nature or with our pets – if you don’t have any pets and live in a city, find a green area – or even try to connect with insects. House flies have the most wonderful wisdom, if we take the time to listen! House plants can also lend an opinion!

    Have a notepad and pen and just think a question and see what you get! Don’t dismiss it as ‘just your imagination’ as this is where it starts, and why would you have imagined this instead of the millions of other thoughts that might have entered your head?

    Don’t dismiss anything – as Gina the whale says ‘You have to learn to trust yourselves!’

    So, now I’d like to ask: what can you learn from the animals in your life?

    Whale blessings and roars of love and thanks for opening your hearts, from the sacred white lions, all earth’s creatures and me!

    Madeleine Walker

    PS As you probably have gathered, I am passionate about getting the animals’ messages ‘out there’, so thank you so much for helping me do that! I also feel that the meditations are very powerful and it was very humbling to be used as a conduit, together with the huge talent of Jerome O’Connell, to create Whale Whispers, Lion Roars to share them with people, who I sincerely hope will benefit from them.

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