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Cygnus Twentieth Birthday Events

Have your very own Cygnus celebration – invite your Cygnus friends

Dear Friends

Rather than holding one centralised birthday event on ‘the big day’ (September 10th), we would like to encourage you, wholeheartedly, to create your own Cygnus birthday celebration, marking our achievement as part of a vast network of joy, freedom and love. So our party radiates out to you and, as our celebration issue of Cygnus Review grew from the small contributions of many, coming together for magnified effect, we know that we can create a vortex of abundance and love.

So, how about holding a party, a meditation, a musical evening, a healing share, a walk in the woods, a dance in the kitchen, a sandcastle build, a flashmob singalong, a mass kite-flying, a feast, prayer or ceremony – whatever you’re compelled to do – sometime around the birthday, in celebration of our Cygnus family? If you’d like to invite others to join in, you can post a message here or let us know by letter, email or telephone. Just tell us what you’re going to do, when, and where and we’ll share the information on the website. We’ll do all we can to help you to be part of a celebration.

Your confirmed events and invitations will be posted in this thread. There are other threads dedicated to your ideas, messages and resources for you to enjoy during your celebrations.

During August and September, we’ll also share lots of blessings, prayers and celebration ideas on our website: so that, even though we are scattered far and wide, we can all join in celebration.

We’d love to include your suggestions, too, so please send them to us. We’d also like to invite you to send a Cygnus birthday message from your heart to our members – a few words of wisdom, gathered from personal experience – or you may wish to mention how Cygnus has influenced you. You can post your message at or send them by letter.

We’ll start a Book Circle discussion on the website, from Monday 8th August – you’ll find details on the website and in our email newsletter that week. If you’d like to act as a coordinator/moderator, please let us know by emailing

Love and blessings, the Cygnus Team

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