Finding Your Path to Healing

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    19 July, 2011

    Who makes the rules? When should you do and think what you are told or taught to do, and when should you push those boundaries and work to a different set of parameters? Yes, sometimes we’re right to stick with the accepted rules because they do make sense – like crossing when the green light is illuminated – because they carry us within safe boundaries. However, when it comes to our healing – physical, emotional and spiritual – there are times when our passage and development depends upon stretching beyond the accepted rules and set instructions, looking past the ‘safe’ limits, and forging onwards.

    Why? Well, I believe that it is in venturing ‘beyond’ that we find our own unique path. For we are not trying to become identical, ideal beings: we are striving to become the best that we can be as individuals living as part of a whole, where each component has its own purpose and strength. And so I share with you now another guiding message from our friend, Jennie Williams – There is No Perfect Way to Heal – which, for me, embraces something of this ever-shifting, adapting existence; for Jennie believes that healing happens through an ever developing relationship with God, ourselves and the world. I’d like to add to it something that Ann recently wrote to Jennie: ‘There’s a conviction you and I share with a lot of Cygnus readers: we can be perfectly healthy even if the whole world says we can’t!’

    So, as Ann and Jennie keep on their rebel healing paths, breaking the rules set by those who may expect blind resignation, we’d like to suggest some books that encourage a freedom of discovery, that guide rather than prescribe, helping you to reach within, find yourself and adapt your existence. I leap for joy when books such as ‘Fountain of Youth Exercises‘ appear – where you intuitively find what’s right for you – here in choosing which fifteen minute exercise or meditation to follow. As your needs change, so does the book.

    In a similar way, I encourage you to follow the likes of ‘The Map‘ and ‘The Four Purposes of Life‘ – thinking of them as adventure games for seeking meaning in your life; for you are not being told how you should live, rather being guided into finding the life you can live. Grasp your spirit of adventure and realise – perhaps with Ursula James’ help – that You Can Be Amazing! Indeed, you are amazing.

    And there’s a certain someone whose stories always make me smile from deep within and encourage me to know myself and to be strong in my convictions: Shirley MacLaine. Now she certainly ventures beyond!

    All good wishes for a grand adventure,
    Sarah, Ann, Geoff and all at Cygnus.

    Pause for thought:
    When have you broken the rules or pushed the boundaries on your healing path? How has your relationship with God, yourself and the world adapted to allow healing? We’ll select five comments and, with pleasure, we’ll send £10 vouchers to their authors.

    Recently we asked: When and how have you become aware of a deeper level of experience, beyond worldly existence – your spiritual dimension? How would you advise others to know that they, too, are living in the spiritual dimension? Thank you so much to everyone who shared their thoughts and insights. £10 vouchers are now on their way to: Ann Parkinson, Fiona Faulkner, Jeanine Hanneman, Joe Potter and Danielle.

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