The Flower of Life and the Vesica Piscis

Posted by Dr Christine Page
28 July, 2011

The best way to create this beautiful, sacred design is to work with a friend or partner who sits facing you. It’s also possible to work with a part of yourself you would like to meet either because of their increased vantage point of wisdom of because you are having trouble integrating them and would like to know them on a deeper level. You can even meet a person or guide from the world of spirit, asking them to join you if they are available! If you have no live being before you, it’s still useful to place a chair in front so you can create the sacred space.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and, with the help of the breath, allow the body to start to relax. As you sink deeper into the chair or wherever you are sitting, continue to release any tension in the body using the breath.

As the muscles ease, on the out-breath let go of thoughts of the past and then the thoughts of the future, bringing your mind gently to the present, relaxed and focused only on the breath. Now take your awareness inside, conscious of the movement of the chest and perhaps the heart beating but only as a passing observation. And go deeper.

Move your awareness to the core of your being without effort or hurry and go deeper. From that place, take your awareness to the area of the heart chakra, the centre of the chest and bring to mind a time when you have felt your heart open with feelings of joy, happiness and love. Perhaps it was with your grandchildren or with your partner or when watching a beautiful sunset or when your dog came to greet you. Whatever the experience, expand the feelings in the heart by adding colour, sounds, aromas and touch and smile to yourself as the memory expands to include other people or a deepening of the connection.

Now imagine your heart is like a vessel or chalice, filling with joy and happiness from the experience. Watch and feel as it becomes full and the happiness starts to spread out first to your physical body (and especially to areas of disharmony or pain) and then to the subtle bodies. No effort, no forcing, just allowing as the love and joy radiates out from your heart. If the feeling starts to decrease, simply return to the memory and using visual, auditory or kinesthetic aids, fill the heart again.

Now the energy is radiating out beyond your body and in all directions around you, no effort. In particular, the joy spreads out towards your partner or towards the part of you with which you wish to engage. Simply allow the energy to flow without ‘sending’ or trying, merging your joy with that of your partner or whoever sits opposite. Be conscious of their presence as your circles meet, observe the feeling without analysis. Let the joy continue to flow and allow yourself to bathe in the state of bliss, unity and peace that develops. If you can hold the memory with your eyes open, gently open your eyes and see how the flow may change when eye contact is added.

From this place, healing takes place naturally, although we can send out a specific intention on a wave of joy. It’s also a wonderful place from which to communicate with someone where trust may have been an issue or when you wish to reach a deeper level of communion. If you are working with a part of yourself, you can ask this part questions and wait for answers directly into your heart without the need for words.

When you are complete, simply give silent thanks and slowly draw the energies back into your body and your heart, knowing that you have been enriched by the exchange and this place always awaits you.

Occasionally, I have also drawn spirit guides in to support the circles but this should be without effort and without the search for results. This exercise can be enriched further by adding toning using in particular, the oo and ah sounds which resonate with the sacral and heart chakras, both of which are relevant to this exercise of creating a sacred space of love, respect, nurturing and receptivity.

The vesica piscis is an ancient symbol used by millions over many eons and is dedicated to enabling mankind to reach a state of Christ Consciousness and hence to know unification and bliss. Enjoy.

The flower of life and the vesica piscis
When six people come together to create a much larger vesica piscis, they create a six-petalled flower with a central circle known as the seed of life which represents the beginning of life according to Divine Consciousness. The symbolism reflects the six days it took to create the world with the centre circle as the day of rest or completion.

This can then be expanded to create the flower of life which consists of nineteen interlacing circles surrounded by two concentric circles. Nineteen is important in numerology for it represents the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega and this particular symbol is said to contain our cellular memory and is the matrix for all matter.

Finally, by removing the outer circles and adding another rotation, a design emerges called the fruit of life, which consists of thirteen completed circles. This represents the wisdom or fruit which is the result of living our reality and represents our ascension to the next level of awareness.

From Spiritual Alchemy, © 2003 by Dr Christine Page, published by Rider Books.

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