A Message from God’s Heart

    Posted by Jennie Williams
    23 August, 2011

    Q  What is it you want to show me?

    A  I want to show you about the great wonder of having a personal relationship with me.

    Q  And how do we do that?

    A  Simply by knowing that I’m here, ready and willing to commune with you.

    Q  And what do we do?

    A  Talk to me.  Share your troubles and your joys, your doubts and fears, your hopes, dreams, ambitions; ask me anything you want to know.

    Q  And will you answer?

    A  Of course I will answer, in any way you believe that I can answer – through your dreams, through things people say, books, writings, nature, a voice in your head, synchronicity in your life, opportunities that open up, doors that open and close and more…


    Q  And could we just say that this is the universe speaking, or light or love?

    A  You could, but isn’t that an impersonal way of looking at relationship with me, the great Mystery, the Divine?  If you find your breakfast on the table in the morning, aren’t you delighted that someone laid that out for you?  Or do you say, “Good, the universe provided again!” Doesn’t it give you a warmer feeling to know that a person with feelings lovingly laid that breakfast for you?

    Q  So you want us to depend on you like a child depends on their parent?

    A  Yes.  I didn’t create you for self-sufficiency but for relationship.  I didn’t put all the answers in books, or in angel cards, or what you call your Higher Self or even in the Bible.  They are hidden in me the great Mystery and because you and I are one, I will reveal them to you as and when I know the time is right.  Our relationship is one of co-operation – a dance if you like, a banter, a dialogue – and between us we will unfold the greatness that I have put in your heart.

    Jennie Williams works as a healer, specialising in helping people with auto-immune disorders. For more details please contact Jennie on 01460 78285 jennie.online@gmail.com www.healing.jenniewilliams.com

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