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Awakening to Divine Light

Awakening to Divine Light
The Cygnus team has done so much in awakening us to our Divine Light in the last twenty years, and I am honoured to be invited to write about a book that has inspired me, as part of their anniversary celebrations.Words are far more than we can ever imagine and when we are moved by a poem or a book, we are entering a process of alchemy where the ‘Spirit’ of the word and the reader connect to make a shift in consciousness. We have all experienced the amazing synchronicity of being led to a book that comes just at the right time and leads us to new insights; insights that we realise we already knew but hadn’t yet become conscious of. It is as if we put out the request and receive just what we need to further our awakening. Thus, each of us makes a leap for all humanity, unseen and powerful.

I thought long and hard about choosing just one book that had influenced my path over the last twenty years.

I had no problem citing the books that had moved me to new heights; there were three that stood above the rest like beacons, but naming one?

These three were significant because they fulfilled my quest to know myself in mind, body, and spirit, on both a personal and collective level.

In the end I could not choose one over the other and selected all three books because they were each a shining signpost on my path of awakening which confirmed and connected my personal path with that of the Divine plan for humanity.

My mother was a trance medium and walked with spirit throughout her life.

I was born in 1948 and spoon fed a very simple philosophy that ‘God is Love’, and ‘thought is a living thing’ so I had to be careful what I thought and never to wish harm.

From a very early age I knew I had little spirit guides and helpers by my side. Wonderful spirit friends would visit through mam and tell us about ‘The Work’, a spiritual prophecy that involved the future of humanity when we would ‘Come into our own’ and ‘The worlds would come together in the twinkling of an eye.’

All my life I asked ‘When is the work going to break?’ and always I was told, ‘When the time is right you will come into your own and know just what to do’ Ingrained into my mind were the words ‘Keep Faith’ as though keeping faith ensured the end result.

Naively, I thought that The Work was going to be a one off event coming out of the blue, and indeed the changes may be swift when they do come, but I became aware that before they could start there needed to be a huge change within each one of us that would effect the collective consciousness.

From the 1960’s I watched in delight as the spiritual movement took off. In the West, organised religion was losing its hold and people were turning within for the answers. Ancient healing practices, meditation groups, spiritual growth techniques and mind, body spirit, events were helping people to unveil their spiritual gifts. All this encouraged a personal relationship with the Source. We were waking up to our own Divinity and it was connecting us as never before. Many people were feeling an immediate, powerful love and affinity with complete strangers and were becoming aware of being led not only by Angels and Spirits, but more importantly by our Higher Self that, by its very nature, could live in love and light synchronicity.

Then my mother passed to spirit and it was a deep and traumatic loss, but as often happens, in the midst of my grief I was gifted a spiritual gem.

Here are the three books that were gifted to me just when I was ready for them and I thank the spirit and angelic realms for connecting me to the authors and their inspiring message.

The first book came to me in the mid 1990’s about a year after my mother died and though I knew she was still with me in spirit, I missed her terribly because not only was she my mum and greatest friend, she was also my spiritual mentor.

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Within the year I was holding James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecyand like millions of others I knew it to be true. All my life I had watched for signs that The Work was imminent and here was a book that said it all!This book lifted and delighted, confirming and encouraging us to go through the doors of perception; to co- create Heaven on Earth. This simple but profound adventure story, this modern day parable, effected millions because it connected us all to the oneness of everything, and deep within we re-cognised and re-membered the divine plan. We were awakening!

We were also becoming conscious of being ‘In service’ to The Light and that no matter how much knowledge or how many spiritual gifts we have, Love was our greatest gift.

Living in Love and Light leads me to my second book.

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Written by Eileen Caddy, ‘Opening Doors Within’ has 365 daily messages. This wonderful book, gifted to me by a kindred Spirit who always seems to intuit what I need, fills me with love and presence every morning.Eileen was co-founder of Findhorn and I was fortunate to have met her with my mother many years ago. There were striking resemblances between these exceptional women; they had both devoted their lives to spirit and finding God within. Born in the same era, and having experienced great loss and heartbreak, they came through and led by example.

Opening Doors Within includes a lovely forward by Diana Cooper, and Mike Scott writes a wonderful preface which will make you want to know more about this remarkable woman and how she, her husband Peter Caddy and her friend Dorothy Maclean built the spiritual community in communion with the nature spirits, angels and spirit. These pioneers have already shown us how to create Heaven on Earth. The daily messages are beautiful and sublime; it is like receiving a personal letter from the Source everyday with just what we need. The synchronicity is astounding.

My third and final book was also gifted by a spiritual sister who has been an inspirational earth angel on my path.

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Jonathan Black’s The Secret History of the Worldreveals his life long exploration of the evolution of spirit on earth according to esoteric knowledge passed down through secret societies and initiates of mystery schools. This book contains the answers to everything I ever wanted to know and a lot more that I didn’t know I needed to ask. Jonathan writes clearly and succinctly about things that would have taken me fifty yeas to understand if I had the inclination or the intellect. I have read this book five times and now use it for divination when I am impressed to receive food for thought, such is its alchemical power.It is a fascinating adventure and every time I read it I understand from a deeper level of the human psyche. If like me, you need to make sense of everything, then you will love this book. We are taken on a magical mystery tour from ancient civilisations through to the esoteric foundations of modern day cities, religions, and societies. We are shown secrets in art and literature and we see that most of the great men and women in history believed in mind before matter. The book reveals a myriad of places, civilisations, people, philosophies, religions and secret societies who kept the faith alive.

If Black Elk and other shamans reveal the indigenous and intuitive way of living in harmony, ‘receiving’ spirit in Oneness and trust, then The Secret History of the World reveals the reasoning man attempting to make sense of the world and his place within it.

HOPE STREET Pamela Young
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Which ever road we walk we are led by and to the divine.Spiritual secrets are being brought into the light. We are that secret and anything that lacks integrity, individually or globally is being revealed and rejected Quantum physics is more mystical than many religions and is bordering on the esoteric.

Science may acknowledge that Love and Light is quantifiable in making us happy and fulfilled and prove the mystics true.

We are on the cusp of integrating our two states of mind, the Yin and Yang, the intuitive and the reason, the feminine and masculine, the action and the silence and these three books give me great hope that one day soon new science, new age spiritually and reasoning shall ‘let Light’ and we shall return along the red road by choice to Heaven on Earth.

Pamela Young, author of Hope Street [210207]

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