Butterflies not Treacle

Posted by Cygnus Team
3 August, 2011

Like most of humanity and earth itself, I’ve been squeezed, scraped and scrambled as karmic encrustations are exfoliated, ingrained patterns reprogrammed and everything outworn is stripped away. Change tingles the air we breathe. Christopher Sell has described it as a catalyst in the dance of transformation. What has helped me move through it with grace has been the good friends who recognised the value and purpose of a process in which they are themselves participating. That and facilitating the small group workshops at my home where there is a deep and honest openness with enormous support and compassion for each person. We have amply demonstrated that the healing power of a group is greater than the individuals it comprises and that when one member makes a shift, everyone benefits. An effect that then moves out in ripples into the wider community.

So, why the soul scouring?

Well, we’re moving into the astrological Age of Aquarius. The lovely John Van Rees summed up Aquarius beautifully when, writing about the recent soul shattering events in Japan, he said:

When one of us is in pain, we are all in pain. When one of us is in joy, we are all in joy together. It is time now for us to use the tools we have of compassion, humility and knowledge to assist one another in our personal and planetary healing journeys. How do we do this when there is so much to be done? Where do we start? Inside. We start inside working on making ourselves happier, healthier and more at peace.

The Age of Pisces, out of which we are moving, was about developing compassion but also about sacrifice and merging into the divine. It looked to religion to bring this about, that is it went outside the Self. Aquarius looks to humanity to bring about transformation, encouraging us to take personal responsibility along with expanding our awareness.

Change is a fundamental part of Aquarius. Astrologer Jonathan Cainer pointed out in his column that I wasn’t wading through treacle (although that’s exactly what it felt like). It was more, he said, as if I was herding butterflies through moving goalposts. Butterflies, which to me represent transformation and soul gifts, are dancing around the luxuriant Greek garden in which I’m writing. A sign from the gods, this is the land of oracles after all and the natural world speaks to us whenever we choose to listen. I’ve come here to get an overview on my life and replenish my inner peace.

The view from my terrace is wonderfully instructive. The raw power of nature has been amply demonstrated. Astrology is alive all around me. A spectacular ice and thunder storm woke me this morning. Lightning flashed across the mountains, a rainbow built a bridge between the worlds. Zeus (Jupiter) had come to call. As a Sag I am attuned to this ruler of the ancient gods. This is the planet of expansion and new horizons. Just the sort of sign I was seeking. A tiny owl, Athena the voice of intuitive wisdom, hoots me to sleep at night.

Surprisingly there is no astrological planet named after her, we only have Mercury and his intellectual knowledge which the ancient Greeks – just as the modern world – seem to value more highly. But, we can all turn inwards and allow our knowing to speak.

I’ve always felt close to the old divinities here on the islands. The planets were named for the gods and took on their characteristics – or was it the other way round? With their petty squabblings and jealousies, those gods often feel closer to a modern dysfunctional family. Or a soul family travelling through time in which each plays many parts and an apparent enemy may be the truest soul friend and greatest catalyst for growth. Zeus hurled his thunderbolt at those who displeased him. Aphrodite (Venus) cast her amorous spells and plotted assiduously against those more beautiful than she. The Dark Lord (Pluto) abducted an innocent maiden, taking her deep into Hades to learn about her true self. When given the opportunity to return above ground Persephone chose to stay below for part of the year, suggesting that she had learned to value introspection and the insights offered by the darker parts of soul and psyche.

So what happens now that we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius? This humanitarian sign of brotherhood asks how we will create our future. It insists we take personal responsibility for ourselves, our planet and all upon it. It points out that when one person shifts, the whole benefits. But can we raise the vibrations of the humanity and the planet if there are only a few people at the peak? Some courageous souls always go first but, under Aquarius, they then turn around to give a hand to others so that all become equal.

A unity of consciousness

A beautiful bee with iridescent blue wings now shimmers in front of me. Another messenger from the gods. He sets me thinking about the hive mind, a unity of consciousness and purpose that acts as one. As modern human beings we seem to have lost that knack but, whenever I enter an expanded state of consciousness, it’s there. In a more refined and less instinctual way perhaps than for the bee but who I am to know? I do know that, raised up to another dimension, I have a different perspective on the part others are playing in my soul drama – and I in theirs – and how we all collude to act out the greater drama of humanity. I see where with a little adjustment, a tad more awareness and by working together we put aside our individual egos and recognise ourselves as a soul family with one aim: the evolution of consciousness in all its forms.

So, can we find a way to pull together? A way that unites and encourages each other. By developing inner peace can we bring about outer harmony? Can we step out of treacle and share what we know with open heartedness and without jealousy, honouring every contribution and each soul’s unique journey? Can we be butterflies dancing a new universe into being? Polishing our souls to a brilliant shine? After all, if we can’t who can? I’ve come to recognise that The Crystal Bible isn’t just a book it’s a community of like minded souls, as is Cygnus. If a butterfly beating its wings in the Amazon creates a hurricane in the Caribbean, just think how a million crystal butterflies beating their wings in unison could transform our world.

With love, Judy

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