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The River – Kahlil Gibran

In the valley of Kadisha where the mighty river flows, two little streams met and spoke to one another.

One stream said, ‘How came you, my friend, and how was your path?’

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And the other answered, ‘My pat was most encumbered. The wheel of the mill was broken, and the master farmer who used to conduct me from my channel to his plants, is dead. I struggled down oozing with the filth of those who do naught but sit and bake their laziness in the sun. But how was your path, my brother?’

And the other stream answered and said, ‘Mine was a different path. I came down the hills among fragrant flowers and shy willows; men and women drank of me with silvery cups, and little children paddled their rosy feet at my edges, and there was laughter all about me, and there were sweet songs. What a pity that your path was not so happy.’

At that moment the river spoke with a loud voice and said, ‘Come in, come in, we are going to the sea. Come in, come in, speak no more. Be with me now. We are going to the sea. Come in, come in, for in me you shall forget your wanderings, sad or gay. Come in, come in. And you and I will forget all our ways when we reach the heart of our mother the sea.’

From ‘The Prophet and the Art of Peace‘, © 2011 by Kahlil Gibran, published by Watkins.

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