Creating Your Exceptional Life

Posted by Louise Hay
20 September, 2011

There is a Universal Energy, a Divine force that creates us; sustains us, connects us to one another; and works in cooperation with our thoughts, words and actions to generate our life experiences. When we recognize and learn to work in partnership with this benevolent power, we become masters of our own destiny. The formula is simple: Think thoughts that make you feel good, make choices that make you feel good, and take actions that make you feel good. Then surrender the outcome, trusting that Life will bring you what you need to grow and be happy.

This simple formula has radically improved the quality of my life, and it can improve yours, too. When you use it, and learn to trust it, life unfolds in miraculous ways. You’ll be presented with extraordinary opportunities to make your life whole and to make a difference in the world.

We determine our future

‘We are powerful, creative beings who determine our future with every thought we thing and every word we speak.’ This is the first thing Louise says when I turn on the voice recorder.

We’re sitting opposite each other, stretched out on a long window seat in my hotel room, overlooking the city of Toronto below. It’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon. As I consider Louise’ remark, I realize that, at its core, this message is one of the most important: In our purest, most positive state of mind, we are powerful creators of our very best lives. When we think good thoughts, we feel good. When we feel good, we make good choices. When we feel good and make good choices, we draw more good experiences into our lives. It really is that simple… and elegant… and true.

Science tells us that energy waves are the ‘stuff’ of the Universe, and that every breath we take and every thought we think has a direct effect on something or someone in it. The chair I sit on, the keyboard I use to write, and the beautiful magnolia tree outside me window are all made of energy. The speed with which an object vibrates determines the density of the form. This energy is directly influenced by the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the actions we take. These thoughts, words, and actions produce feelings; and our feelings become the currency with which we purchase our life experiences.

As Louise and I talk about the ways in which our thoughts influence our lives, I become even more aware of how significant and powerful this idea really is.

I Can Do It 2011A unified field of energy

We are all exquisite communication machines. Each one of us is a walking, talking radio tower, transmitting and receiving energy signals every moment of every day. Like radiant stars sparkling in the night sky, we live and breathe in a unified field of energy that connects us to one another. Every movement or casual or random thought goes out into this field and affects it in some way.

As we learn to pay closer attention to the signals we receive and send out, we claim ownership of a vast creative power that not only affects us, but everyone and everything around us. With practice, we can become more confident in our ability to use this energetic network to make life better by tuning our transmitter – our thoughts – to a more positive frequency.

Louise shares a story that illustrates this point beautifully. ‘I was driving to the office thinking about an upsetting letter I received earlier in the day,’ she says. ‘I was ruminating about it, having an argument with the person who wrote it in my head. But then I caught myself. I stopped and realized that this way of thinking wasn’t making me feel good. So I pulled over and started telling myself what I needed to hear to feel better. I said things like:

I release this incident with love; it is over and done.

I look with expectation to my next moment, which is fresh and new.

Only good experiences lie before me.

I am greeted with love wherever I go.

I love Life, and Life loves me.

All is well, and so am I.

‘In no time I was back on a positive track and was on my way. A moment later, I switched on the radio and was greeted by a sweeping, inspirational piece of classical music that made me smile from ear to ear. I knew a shift had occurred. I arrived at the office feeling so much better. When I walked through the front door, an employee greeted me with ‘I love you.’ When I got to my desk, there was a vase of flowers waiting for me – a gift from the spouse of an employee. And I discovered that a problem I needed to discuss with someone at a meeting later that day had been completely resolved and I didn’t need to attend the meeting after all. It was at that moment I said out loud, ‘Thank you. Thank you. Thank you’.’

As I listen to Louise share this story, I jot down the first instruction she gave herself: ‘I started telling myself what I needed to hear to feel better.’ What a beautiful example of how our first, most important act of self-care is caring for our thoughts. When we do so, everyone benefits.

By catching herself quickly and turning things around with loving inner dialogue, Louise sent out an energetic message to Life, which responded in a way that not only uplifted her, but also enriched the experiences of those around her.

Setting a new goal

‘Cheryl, you and I are trying to connect people with an easier way to live an exceptional life. When they understand the concept and put it into practice – by thinking thoughts and making choices that make them feel good – they’ll put themselves in a state of flow with the Universe, and miracles will start to happen. Then they’ll get all the evidence they need. Things they couldn’t even imagine will begin to occur.’

‘When you do something as simple as look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself, even when it’s hard to do or you don’t believe it, your energy shifts. Then, as you go through your day, you feel better and attract better circumstances. That’s when silly things happen like getting a parking space when there usually are none to be found, or encountering green lights at every turn.

‘You know, there are so many wonderful teachers – Dr Wayne Dyer, Abraham, Dr Christiane Northrup – who all share the same message,’ Louise continues. ‘I think the real goal in life is to feel good. We want money because we want to feel better. We want good health because we want to feel better. We want a nice relationship because we think we will feel better. And if we could just make feeling better our goal, we would eliminate a lot of extra work. How can I really feel good in this moment? What thoughts can I think right now that will make me feel better? That’s the question we need to constantly be asking ourselves.’

As I turn off the recorder and gather my things, I think to myself, Amen, sister.

From You Can Create an Exceptional Life, © 2011 by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, published by Hay House.

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