Walking the Way of Life

Posted by Cygnus Team
20 September, 2011

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I sat down to write this letter for you. As always, I wanted to share with you something about the lessons I am learning at the moment, in case they could be of any use to you. Well, I sat for several hours, and nothing came. In the end I gave up, feeling quite dejected. This has never happened before.

In an email to you earlier this year, I wrote, ‘Though our hands be ever so empty, if we ask for them to be filled for the sake of Love, they will be’, and I firmly believe this to be true. Certainly, this belief has never failed me in the past (although it may have waited right until the very last minute to manifest!). However, as I say, yesterday, nothing came. I thought, ‘maybe it’s because the lessons I am learning right now are so dark and difficult’ (I have not yet got to the end of my long journey of healing from cancer), and Cygnus readers will not want to know about that kind of thing, because they are not in that space. I even thought ‘maybe I’m not meant to write for Cygnus readers any more’. Sad eh?

But Spirit never fails you if you ask for help! And in the night I woke with all this downloaded into my mind, so I got up straight away to write it down.

‘Of course your experiences and discoveries are still relevant to Cygnus readers. Many of them are also facing great difficulties right now, and it will help them to know what you are learning.’

The form of our thoughts

So here goes. Maybe you already have some understanding of thought forms? If not, I’ll just explain a bit, so please bear with me if you know this already. You’ll remember from your studies of the law of attraction that ‘thoughts are things’ and if they are constantly reinforced by thinking them repeatedly, they gain a certain power of their own. This can be used for positive purposes, as you know.

However, thoughts vivified by constant repetition could more appropriately be regarded as ‘thought forms’, rather than just thoughts, and clairvoyants can sometimes see them as clouds hovering around the person who generated them. So what happens if these forms are continually fed by our thoughts? What happens if a lot of people – not just one – repeatedly think the same thought? Well then, the cloudy thought form takes on more and more of a shape, and can even have eyes, and a consciousness of sorts. At that point, you could say, it has a life of its own, but the catch is, it can only maintain that life by feeding on thoughts similar to those that originated it. Well, like all living beings, such a thought form has a strong instinct for survival, and in order to survive, it will actually stimulate any human beings in whom it can gain a foothold to think the thoughts it needs in order to live. Not so nice eh? And that’s how I think it is with cancer.

I’ve often talked with my friends about the existence of a ‘cancer being’, fed by all the darkness, fear, dread and utter defeatism surrounding this disease, which seems to get inside my mind and body, bringing me down at times, and making me see rather less than clearly! But only recently – with the help of my new doctor* who is also one of the most spiritual people I have ever met – have I been learning more exactly what I am facing. It is a collective thought form – a demon really – and it feeds on fear and misery. It’s particular style is to make you feel helpless, defeated, trapped and isolated so that in the end, you are no longer able to relate to others, to eat or nourish yourself in any way, or even to move. In the end you become like an embryo in many ways, just as the cancer cells themselves are embryonic. The cancer cells in your body may die when you die, but the cancer demon lives on – and that is its goal!

Nourish yourself in every way

Well, the only way to free yourself from any thought form, even a collective one, is to starve it; to fight it by immersing yourself to the greatest extent possible in the exact opposite of what it desires. In other words, to eat and to nourish yourself in every way you can think of, even when you don’t feel like it or even believe that you can; to move and exercise even when pain and weakness appear to be insurmountable; to appreciate and connect with others even when that is the last thing you feel like doing. (And I would add – though you and many doctors may not agree with me – stay as far away as possible from morphine and all its derivatives. Because they make so many people feel nauseous, weak, unwilling to communicate and dissociated from their bodies, I believe that opioids are close allies of the cancer demon.)

There is a psychoanalyst called Frederick B Levenson who did a study on people who had had spontaneous remissions from cancer. He found that, whatever else they did or did not do on the medical front, they all had three things in common:

Spontaneously cured patients forced themselves to eat.

They developed an obsessional drive for physical activity.

They resisted the regressive aspects of the disorder. In other words, they refused to stay alone, they occupied their minds, they fought depression with feelings of anger and determination to overcome the situation.**

He describes a woman who would spend over an hour getting from her bedroom to the kitchen table, where she would then eat, and afterwards sit and talk with her family for a while, before spending the next hour working her way back to her bedroom. Apparently ‘terminally’ ill, the doctors had given up on her, but she got completely well!

Geoff and I have personally met a man who, desperately ill, dragged himself around his flat on his elbows in order to move. Twelve years on he still has the scars to prove it, but absolutely no cancer!

So perhaps the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is our will and determination to live; to serve the God-given life-force in our own bodies. This we must hold on to, and nurture, and cultivate, despite all the defeatist thoughts the cancer demon throws at us. There will of course be an appropriate time for us to leave this life, but when it comes, it will be in harmony with the wishes of our Higher Self, and not at the dictates of the cancer demon – and in most cases we will know our time has come, and feel quite at peace with the situation. It’s not over till it’s over, no matter what anyone tells you, and what we are doing right up until the moment when our time to pass on arrives, is not dying, but living!

Thus our other weapon is to appreciate, value and enjoy our lives in every way we possibly can (remember the lady with cancer in The Secret*** who spent hours each day watching comedies and laughing her head off?). Look for beauty – it’s everywhere to be found, whatever your physical limitations. Stuck in a hospital bed and can’t see out of the window even? Never mind. Look for beauty in all the nurses who come to see you. I promise you, you’ll find it.

Last, but of course not least: look for, and trust that you will find, allies not just in the human realm, but also in the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms; allies to guide and help you to rid your body of cancer cells without harming your immune system, and to help your mind and heart to remain as free as possible from cancer demon-inspired thoughts and feelings.

Forging the sword of Michael

But what if you don’t feel that you are winning all the time; that sometimes the demon gets the better of you, even though you are doing your best to turn away from it? Well, don’t be scared. That happens to me not infrequently, and I’m still here! Just remember that the darkness will always pass, especially if you don’t believe in it. And later you can sing that little pop song to yourself – remember it?

‘I get knocked down, but I get up again;
they’re never gonna keep me down.’

And the most important thing to remember is that your best will always be good enough if you trust, for there are higher intelligences than yours who are also eager to see the end of this beastly ‘cancer demon’, and indeed all the dark collective thought-forms that manipulate human behaviour in negative ways. You can be their hands, and they will help you if you just ‘show willing’.

As I write this, 29th September – the feast of Michaelmas – is approaching, so it’s an especially good time to be reflecting on all this. For one of the greatest of these higher intelligences is the being known in the West as Archangel Michael, whose primary role is to defend and protect the pure in heart from the forces of fear and darkness. In our Michaelmas letter last year, we suggested that you visualise yourself beside this towering winged being whose protection is invincible, until you could feel how that protection remains with you, sheltering you, holding you, lifting you up throughout whatever appearances of darkness may come your way.

What we would like to add this year is that, by building and cultivating inner qualities that oppose those of the demonic thought-forms of this world, we forge the sword of Michael within our own being, as an inalienable possession, whatever happens. And in this way, we can be grateful, even for the demons, for by meeting those forces of chaos and disharmony with the unquenchable fire of our love for all that is true, beautiful and right, we can be transformed into pure gold. This is the Way of Life, my friends, and we walk it together.

With much love,

Ann, Geoff, Sarah, John, Sam and all at Cygnus

* Dr Mikael Nordfors, www.medicdebate.org

** The Causes and Prevention of Cancer by Dr Frederick B Levenson, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1985 (now out of print, but we understand a new edition is on its way, and as soon as it is published we will have it available for you).

***The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, 170103, Cygnus price £5.99

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